Harrison Wagner’s Girlfriend, Sophia Bui has spoken out following his Death


She reflected on the affection she had bestowed. Sophia Bui, Harrison Wagner’s long-term lover, decided that the best approach to communicate with Harrison’s death was to write a “love letter to her beau,” so she did.

Jack Wagner, the star of General Hospital, had a son named Harrison. “For seven years, we loved each other endlessly, back and forth. “For better or worse,” the 27-year-old Minx star captioned a photo of herself with her late partner on her Instagram account on Wednesday, June 7.

“May God bless you in both good and ill health. I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to answer any of your late-night calls in the last several days. It’s been a long time since I’ve sent you any funny animal videos.

Harrison Wagner’s Death

I miss you bringing me those beautiful tunes that make me cry every time. I miss the days when we could snuggle up in your arms and fall asleep like polar bears. Bui described Harrison Wagner as the salve that calmed my soul,” saying that despite being “so brokenhearted,” the California native will always be “my boy.”””

Because you were constantly at my side, I was never alone in this world. “You were the ointment that calmed my spirit,” the Texas guy exclaimed, adding, “I will always choose to love you in this world and any other life.” The Top Gun: Maverick actress ended her tweet with emojis symbolizing a shattered heart.

Bui also shared a few Instagram stories of herself and Harrison Wagner throughout the years, including one in which Harrison is seen pecking her face and smiling for the camera as they are both in the frame, in addition to the poignant dedication.

Harrison’s older brother, Peter Wager, finally heard about his younger brother’s death on Wednesday. He did it in Harrison’s honor. The actress, now 31, posted multiple flashback photographs of the couple with the message “Always with you” on Instagram.

Harrison Wagner was declared dead in North Hollywood, California, at 5:14 a.m. local time on Monday morning, according to a Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner report from Us Weekly on Tuesday. The touching tributes came only one day after his death was confirmed.

The DJ’s body was discovered in a parking lot in North Hollywood on Monday. The medical examiner opted to postpone establishing the cause of death after the autopsy and requested more inquiries. According to the petition, once the results of the tests and studies are in, the doctor will undertake a new review of the issue.

Harrison’s father, Jack, is 62 years old and has yet to remark on his son’s untimely death, which he shares with his ex-wife Kristina Wagner. Harrison Wagner died in a car accident.

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On the set of General Hospital, where they both had parted, they fell in love and became engaged in 1993. As well as a son named Peter, the ex-couple also had a daughter from a prior relationship called Kerry. However, they divorced after 13 years of marriage.

Harrison Wagner’s Girlfriend – Sophia Bui

Harrison Wagner struggled with substance abuse for most of his life, culminating in his disappearance in 2016. He went to social media to find his son, 62-year-old Jack, who had been missing for a week at the time.

I fear for the safety of my youngest son, and he posted on Twitter. Harrison Wagner had fought substance misuse and alcoholism, much like I did when I was younger. Five days have passed since he went missing after a relapse.


Five days after the terrifying incident, authorities were able to track down the elusive music producer. On the other hand, Harrison Wagner became increasingly outspoken about his desire to make a positive change in his life.

Changing one’s life is never too late. It is impossible to stress the importance of this aphorism. Believe me, if you’re having trouble,… I’ve been there, too. But we come out on the other side viewing the world through a different lens,” he said on Instagram in September of that year.

Also cheerful was Harrison’s final message, which he wrote on May 22. “Focus. He wrote the phrase “YOU are left with YOU and your thoughts” as the caption for a photo of himself taken in Los Angeles.


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