Engage Kiss Season 1 Release Date Revealed!

Engage Kiss Season 1 will be released by A-1 Pictures, which is excellent news for fans of love manga. Check out this article; no matter how much you despise the subject, you never know what new things you could discover.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 4’s release date, plot, and characters have all been hotly anticipated by most fans. The information for Engage Kiss Season 1 has been updated on this page. Shortly, Engage Kiss Season 1 will be accessible.

Engage Kiss Season 1: Release Date

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Engage Kiss Season 1 will be filled with plenty of intriguing developments before July.


The premiere date for the television series has been set for July 2, 2022. However, the exact number of episodes is unknown.

A Look at the Cast and Crew of Engage Kiss Season 1

Tomoya Tanaka is the creator of the anime series Engage Kiss. Storyboard artist and episode director Tomoya Tanaka have worked on several anime series, including Naruto Shippuden, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Hunter x Hunter.

Maruto Fumiaki writes the anime’s scripts. Masaaki Takiyama and Chiaki Furuzumi will handle character design for animated films.

Both Banana Fish and The Fate include the work of Masaaki Takiyama, a Japanese filmmaker. The anime series Death Note and Black Butler were created by Chiaki Furuzumi.

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Both of them are the primary animators of the anime’s visuals. “Darekare Scramble” theme tune by Halco will be performed, as shown in the promotional video.

Engage Kiss Season 1: The Cast of Characters

  • Miyano Yoshikazu provides the voice of Souma Saitou.
  • As of this writing, Aizawa Saya is the voice of Kisara.
  • Lynn was voiced by Ayano Yuugiri.
  • Rumi Ookubo voices Sharon Holygrail.


What Can We Expect from the Story of Engage Kiss in Its First Season?

Kisara is later revealed to be the devil. After recognizing this, Shu and Kisara reach an agreement. Kisara agrees to help him protect his city from the demon invasion in line with this agreement. She asks for a kiss back. She is willing to put his life on the line for the sake of his city.

The fate of our protagonist Shu hangs in the balance as he puts his life on the line to save his city. Also, the series will explain how Kisara convinced Shu to sign the contract. Ayano and Kisara’s feud will be examined as well. In addition, the fans will learn more about the relationship between Shu and Ayano.

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As a result, the protagonist’s private life will be included in the story. The focus of the plot will be on demon-induced disasters.

The series might contain demon possession, which requires dealing with demons to recognize their dominance. As soon as the series is launched, fans may see how the private military business reacts to this situation.

Is Engage Kiss Anime Trailer Available?

The Engage Kiss teaser video is, in fact, already available. You may see it on the following link:


Questions and Answers

Can I watch Engage Kiss on Netflix?

Official confirmation of this information has not yet been made. Our best guess is that it will be broadcast on Tokyo MX in Japan. The rest of the world can watch it on the same network channel. Netflix may be able to provide a streaming link. However, Netflix has yet to respond.


When can we expect to see the Engaged Kiss anime on television?

The movie Engage Kiss will be released on July 2, 2022.

Do you think Engage Kiss Light is the end of the story?

As expected, Engage Kiss will most likely be broadcast as planned.

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