Mikasa in Attack on Titans Season 4 Anime!

Find out what happened in Mikasa in Attack on Titans Season 4 when the Marley Forces assaulted Paradis through narrative, facts, and more.

About Mikasa!

When human traffickers murdered Mikasa’s parents, she was only a child. For a short time, she was cared for by Eren Yeager and Grisha Yeager until Wall Maria collapsed. She is a direct descendant of the Shogun and consequently holds considerable political influence in Hizuru.

Since joining the military, despite her desire for peace, she has been hailed as her unit’s most effective soldier. She is presently a lieutenant in the Marine Corps. She became one of its most valued assets upon joining the Survey Corps.


A Look at Mikasa’s Life and Death

Mikasa first appears in Wall Maria in the year 845. She tells Eren they must return to their residence when she wakes him up. Astonished by tears streaming down his face, she inquires why. Hannes is waiting for them when they get back.

Hearing Eren lament the troops’ sloth, Mikasa feels the need to weigh in with his observations. Afterward, they watch as the Survey Corps soldiers return from their latest mission, which failed again. Upon returning home, She informs Eren’s family of his desire to join the Survey Corps.

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Eren, who is enraged, chases her out of the room. They decide to leave the Walls after saving Armin from local bullies.

Seeing a gigantic person peaking over Wall Maria at them at the exact moment is a complete shock to the three children. For the three to restore their composure, the Titan had to break the Wall’s barrier.


It is devastated when Mikasa and Eren come home, and Carla is imprisoned under the ruins. Mikasa and Eren feel helpless while Eren’s mother is ready to be eaten by a Titan. Hannes comes to their rescue.

As Mikasa and Eren are placed into a ship for transfer, an armored Titan bursts through the inner gate, enabling Titans within Wall Maria. She witnesses Eren’s promise to kill all the Titans as they are transported to safety.

Quick Facts About Mikasa

  • Mikasa Appearance: Mikasa is tall and fit. She has pale skin, grey eyes, and long, shaggy black hair that she chopped to chin-length.
  • Mikasa Personality: Like a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child.
  • Her Strength: She is unique. She is a talented fighter at a very young age.

In Season 4 of Attack on Titan: We’ve Seen Her Best Look Yet!

The Ackerman Clan’s Mikasa had several chances to shine during the series, but the series’ closing half of season 4 focused mainly on her and gave her some pivotal moments. This season, she’s been put in a difficult position. Eren’s mission aims to break the cycle of hate that has engulfed the Ymir children by killing as many innocent people as possible.

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Mikasa’s predicament remains challenging even if the latter is not the case. The Ackermanns were said to be able to “imprint” themselves on another person and have the capacity to defend that person. On the other hand, She is fighting Eren, the love of her life, in the same way.


A brief flashback showed Mikasa and her allies sneaking into the country of Marley just before Eren began his onslaught after season 4.

When The Marley Forces Attacks Paradis

In the closing episode of Attack on Titan’s first half, Cart Titan Pieck Finger intervened to break up a brawl between Gabi Braun and Eren.

While Gabi was confined and bound to Pieck on the roof, Pieck could point out the real adversary to the team members below. Her failure to offer long-term stability like Pieck and Gabi prompted Marley to provide Eren her financial assistance.

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In the day’s scorching heat, Pieck pointed his weapon towards the enemy: Eren. Porco’s Jaw Titan pushed Eren to the ground as Reiner Braun stood with Magath, one of the zeppelins that arrived to lay siege to Paradis Island.

He had planned to fight Marley, but now the battle has come to him. Eren has three Titans at his disposal, but can he safeguard his island at any given time with them all? The second half of Season 4 promises to be intriguing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How old is Mikasa in the anime’s fourth season?

Mikasa will also be the same age as Eren at the start of Season 4. She is the only character usually misunderstood for being older than she is.

In Season 4, will Eren be smitten with Mikasa?

Eren and Mikasa have no familial ties, but She has been in love with her for a long time. For a long time, they were in love, but only now have they realized it. This hasn’t changed the fact that their relationship is now all but impossible.

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