Jenny Slate – Do You Know Who She Married to?

Find out more about Jenny Slate and the answer to your question: Who Is Jenny Slate Married Too?

Jenny Sarah Slate hails from the United States, working as an actor, comedian, and novelist. Milton, Massachusetts, is where Slate grew up and still calls home. She attended Milton Academy, then Columbia University, where she became active in the improv and comedy scene while studying literature.

  • Born: March 25, 1982 (age 40 years), Milton, MA
  • Height: 5′ 4″
  • Siblings: Abigail Slate and Stacey Slater
  • Parents: Nancy Slate and Ron Slate

Love is unaffected by COVID. According to Jenny Slate, Ben Shattuck and Jenny Slate were married in a private ceremony at their home. Three times, the coronavirus epidemic forced the couple to postpone their wedding.

In the January 18 edition of Marie Claire, Saturday Night Live performer Jason Sudeikis said: There were a lot of guests in attendance for our wedding, even though we had planned a modest gathering. Our parents and siblings are the only ones left.”

Slate accepted Shattuck’s proposal in September of the same year they appeared together for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2019.

He brought me to France, planned a picnic, and made me feel joyful and accessible, the comedian posted on Instagram in September 2019. It wasn’t long before the question was asked: “Will you marry me?”


Benshattuck’s painting was mentioned by Slate, who said, “I adore you.” “You are the kindest and smartest person I’ve ever come across, and I’m very thankful for that. “We’re off and running now,” he says.

Who Is Jenny Slate Married To Now?

  1. Ben Shattuck (m. 2021)
  2. Dean Fleischer-Camp (m. 2012–2016)

In what year did Ben and Jenny get married?

Jenny Slate said she and Ben Shattuck tied the knot in their living room on New Year’s Eve.

According to the “Marcel the Shell” star’s recent interview with Marie Claire, the couple wed in their Massachusetts living room. There were three previous attempts to match, but the epidemic of Covid-19 kept getting in the way each time.

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Her words to the effect of “we were planning a simple wedding, but it turned out to be for approximately 200 guests” were telling.

As of 2019, Slate, who is 39 years old, and the author, 28, have been dating. Ida Lupine, their daughter, is a year old.

According to Slate, becoming a mother has been better than she could have imagined.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her first kid that Slate, one of her three children, realized that being a mother wasn’t quite like what she had expected.


The way I perceived it, at least: Mom loved us a lot, but she also appeared fatigued and coated with mud simultaneously.”

Instead, I’ve had the impression that the exact opposite has been confirmed. Having a new baby is complex and demanding, and that is a fact. I’ve never felt happier, even though the world is packed with difficulties. Finally, I am confident to be who I want to be.”

Jenny Slate’s Husband: Are you sure it’s Ben Shattuck?

Emma, played by Jenny Slate, joins forces with Charlie Day to damage the new relationships of their estranged ex-lovers to win them back.

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What an odd mix, but Slate’s varied career choices thus far seem to match this “rom-com” rendition of Strangers on a Train.

Slate, a 39-year-old voice actor who has appeared in both popular and independent animated films, has made her mark. Her Parks & Recreation character as Mona-Lisa Saperstein is still a popular meme.

Her stand-up act Stage Fright and essay collection Little Weirds are both self-reflective and depressing. Slate’s biggest priorities are Ben Shattuck and their 1-year-old daughter Ida.


It’s no secret that Slate had a tumultuous on-off relationship with a Marvel A-lister (you know who she’s referring to), so she has exercised caution and discretion in her public appearances and activities.

At a film festival in early 2019, they were seen kissing, but Slate didn’t reveal their relationship until June.

She said slate and the guy she loves might have a happy relationship on Refinery29’s Unstyled podcast. I’m grateful that I can live on a peninsula in Massachusetts, have a job, and appreciate the beauty in so many forms.

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