Judge Mathis Net Worth 2022: Is He a Real Judge?

The reality court program Judge Mathis features a motivational speaker and activist Judge Greg Mathis, a former district court judge in Michigan who now presents the show. Find out more about Judge Mathis’s net worth, profession, and personal life in the following paragraphs.

Judge Mathis’s Early Years

Judge Greg Mathis was born in Detroit on April 5, 1960. It’s safe to say that he was brought up in a household with his younger siblings. As a young child, Greg’s parents divorced, thus his mother had exclusive care of him.


People would think that Greg grew up in a safe and happy environment. The fact that he had dropped out of school and joined a gang proved otherwise. Due to this chain of events, he spent a lot of time in juvenile jail.

When he was seventeen, he was arrested and sent to prison, but he was subsequently released on probation to care for his dying mother, who had colon cancer. When Mathis learned that his mother had colon cancer, he took the choice to alter his course of action.

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Judge Mathis’s Work and Personal Life

Judge Mathis sought employment at Detroit’s City Hall after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in. Later, he became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the fraternity that bears his name. He was regarded as the finest judge in the state throughout his five-year term and was the state’s youngest person to hold the office.

Clyde Cleveland hired Greg as an unpaid intern to get him started in politics. He was also a member of the city council. After graduating from the University of Detroit School of Law, he was elected as a district court judge in Michigan’s 36th district.


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When Jesse Jackson ran for president in 1988, Judge was picked to run his campaign in Michigan. He also ran Coleman Young’s reelection bid. As part of Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” effort to assist boys and men of color, he was requested to participate.

After that, he began his acting career in the television series Judge Mathis, which ran for sixteen seasons. They include Street Judge and Of Being a Judge to Criminals and Such by him.

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It seems that he hasn’t gotten any awards or nominations for his efforts in this field. On September 6, 2021, Judge Mathis’s 23rd season will premiere.

Net Worth of Judge Mathis:


Ex-Superior Court judge Greg Mathis has a net worth of $20 million as a former judge in the United States. Judge Greg Mathis, a former Superior Court judge in Michigan’s 36th District Court, serves as the arbitrator on the American reality show “Judge Mathis.”

Award-winning television court shows have millions of viewers inspired by his inspirational narrative of a street child who went from “jail” to “judge,” known for his advocacy for fair justice.

Judge Mathis Marital Status:

Everyone has seen marriages fall apart, especially when well-known people were involved. In this case, Judge Mathis seems to be an exception to the rule.

A long time ago, Lisa married Judge Mathis. They had a wonderful marriage. The two of them are still much in love, and


judge mathis wife

Mathis has made a vow of allegiance to her.

Amounts belonging to the Judge

Mathis purchased a 6,400-square-foot home in Tarzana, California, for $1.9 million towards the end of 2011. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom Mediterranean-style mansion was completed in the mid-1990s and sits on an acre of ground surrounded by wrought-iron gates.

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There are several stairs in the home, as well as wrought-iron railings, marble floors, and a great room with a double-height ceiling. He put his Tarzana property on the market for $3.2 million in 2018.

It was in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where Mathis bought a home for $970,000 in 2000 and sold it for $1.190,000. After selling a spectacular 7,755 square foot, $4.75 million Mediterranean-style mansion in Beverly Hills in 2005, Mathis made $5.9 million.


Judge Mathis’s Honors and Accolades

Greg has received several awards for his courtroom series Judge Mathis. He won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2018 for the Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program. Throughout the years, he was nominated for multiple Image Awards, and he won in 2004.


As a district court judge in Michigan’s 36th district, Judge Mathis has become a household name. Since mid-September 1999, a television show has been airing thanks to his hard work.

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Judge also has three novels and guest appearances on various television series, not to mention the Daytime Emmy-winning show. Because of this, he’s now worth almost $14 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Judge Mathis’s show still running?

As of the 2018–19 television season, it is one of only two courtroom dramas still featuring the same arbiter after 20 years. In the fall of 2021, Judge Mathis will be the only program that has been airing for more than 20 years with the same adjudicator after Judge Judy.

True or false, are the Judge Mathis trials?

In an hour-long session, Judge Mathis often presents four instances back-to-back. We’re looking for genuine plaintiffs with real claims in each of these situations. Depending on the situation, both parties may enter into an agreement that the show’s ruling is final and binding on them.

Is Judge Mathis a reputable attorney?

After completing law school, Mathis was denied a license to practice law for many years because of his criminal past. He graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1987 with a J.D.

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