Traci Braxton Net Worth 2022 – Her Real Death Cause And Early Life Experience!

Tracii Braxton was an American singer, reality television star, and radio presenter.

Traci Braxton’s Early Years

On April 2, 1971, Traci Renee Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland. Her parents were devout Catholics. Her father and mother were also ministers. Her mother used to be an opera singer before she became a preacher.


Traci Braxton grew up in a strict religious household with four sisters and an elder brother. This wasn’t a surprise to me. Traci’s first exposure to music came as a child when she sang in the church chorus.

Traci Braxton’s Work and Personal Life

Toni Braxton was sought after by record labels in 1991 because producers believed she had the most excellent chance of making it as a singer. The Braxtons’ other band members were informed that the agency would not be working with them.

There was some good news, too. Toni Braxton visited the United States with the Braxtons as her backing singers after her long and successful career. Despite being contracted to the same record company as Toni’s band, the Braxtons never released any music under their belts.

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Traci’s singing career ended abruptly in 1995. Pregnancy stopped her from signing a new recording deal, despite rumors that she had quit the music industry to become an adolescent counselor.


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Traci returned to the public eye after a lengthy hiatus with a recurring role on Braxton Family Values. The program premiered on We TV in 2011 and quickly became the network’s most popular show. Traci Braxton has pursued a career in acting since her first television debut. Sinners Wanted, and All In are two of her previous credits as an actress.

Traci was able to restart her singing career because of the recognition she received from Braxton Family Values. As soon as she signed with a new label in 2013, she started working on her first solo album.

Crash & Burn was a huge hit when it was released in 2014. “Last Call,” the album’s first single, peaked at 16 on the US R&B Adult charts. At the top of the R&B charts, it debuted at number eleven.

Braxton Family Christmas, the group’s second album, was released in 2015. Tracey had to leave the group before their first album was out because she was pregnant. Therefore this is her first record with The Braxtons.

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Traci Braxton’s Net Worth is currently unknown?

As a former member of the cast of Battlefield Earth: Vampires, Traci left behind an estate valued at $800,000 when she died away.

The Severn, Maryland native rapidly became a breakout hit on the show because of her hilarious confessionals and open and honest relationships with her sisters, and her desire to pursue a solo music career.


Cars and Houses with Traci Braxton

Traci Braxton just purchased an Audi Q2 for $80,000. Traci Braxton is also the fortunate owner of a $110,000 Volvo XC60, which she bought from a private seller. Traci Braxton also owns a Lexus ES, a Land Rover Defender, and a BMW X9.

Traci Braxton lives in a 6,500-square-foot mansion in the state of California. Traci Braxton got this massive mansion for a whopping 15 million dollars, thanks to a bank loan.

Traci Braxton: A Look Into Her Private Life

Traci Surratt and her husband, Kevin Surratt, have three beautiful children throughout their marriage. Kevin Surratt Jr., their first child, was born to them. Because she strongly suspected Kevin was having an extramarital relationship with another woman, Traci and Kevin’s marriage was in chaos.

To mend their destroyed marriage, a couple chose to participate in a reality television program called “Marriage Boot Camp.” Their conversation descended into an all-out battle as they started disparaging one another. As a result, their union was declared legally null and void.

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What was the cause of death of this woman?

Traci Braxton, the singer and reality TV personality, passed away on March 12 after a long fight with esophageal cancer, she reported on Instagram. Kevin Surratt, Traci Braxton’s husband, stated after a year of secret treatment for esophageal cancer, “We must notify the world that our beautiful Traci Braxton has gone to glory.”


Traci’s publicist and close friend, Tomasina Perkins Washington, reported that Traci died in hospice.

Questions and Answers

What evidence do you have that the Braxtons attended Traci’s funeral?

Tamar, her younger sister, has now spoken out about why her family chose not to bury her traditionally. As an homage to Traci Braxton, the famous crew-turned-reality stars agreed to organize a memorial.

Who is the Braxton family’s richest member?

Braxton, Toni She is also the wealthiest member of the Braxton family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth $10 million.

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