Pimp C Net Worth 2022 – Do you know How Much American Rapper has Saved Up?

Wiki and fascinating information about Pimp C from the year 2021-22! Pimp C’s age will be revealed in this article. How much money does Pimp C have, and who does he go out with?

Pimp C Biography

Rapper Pimp C was born on December 29, 1973, in the United States. Chad Lamont Butler was an American rapper, singer, and producer. As a member of the Underground Kingz, he was most recognized for his contributions to the group’s success. Capricorn is Pimp C’s zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

On December 29, 1973, in Crowley, Louisiana, a boy named Chad Lamont Butler was born. In Port Arthur, Texas, he was raised by his family. Butler was the only child of Charleston and Weslyn Butler. A congenital abnormality caused Butler’s legs to point inward and necessitated the use of braces when he was a toddler.


As a result of his digestive issues, he had to be propped up in bed at night to get some shut-eye. The pinkeye almost took his sight. He had poor vision, to begin with. Butler was sick with pneumonia nine times as a kid.

Butler was a member of the school choir as a teenager, and he also played a variety of instruments. That’s what his stepfather Bill Monroe urged him to do. Butler was a fan of the “hip hop” genre of music since he was a kid. Since both he and Bernard “Bun B” Freeman had a passion for music, the two immediately became close friends.

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He was married to Chinara Butler from 2003 until he died in 2007. He died as a result of a sleep apnea issue and promethazine and codeine abuse.

Born on December 29, 1973, Chad Butler was an American rapper and record producer who died on December 4, 2007. In the music industry, he was better known as “Pimp C.” Bun B was one of the founders of the Underground Kingz (UGK).

Pimp C’s Early Life

Pimp C first saw light on December 29, 1973, when he awoke in Port Arthur, Texas, USA. Weslyn Monroe and Charleston Butler were his parents. He stood at a height of 5’11” and weighed 118 kg. In addition to being a tall and athletic man, he had a pleasant attitude. He was also completely bald and had black eyes. ” Pimp was a member of the African-American community and a law-abiding citizen of the United States.

Pimp C’s Death


To overcome the difficulties that had plagued Pimp’s professional life, he worked tirelessly. However, he was discovered dead in his Los Angeles hotel room on December 4th of that year. Promethazine and codeine overdose and sleep apnea were factors in Pimp’s death, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner.

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Those who knew him best, from his mother Weslyn to his closest buddy Bun B, paid their respects during his wake and burial. The music industry was dealt a devastating blow with the news of his passing. You’re Everything was a memorial record by Bun B to Pimp following his death.

Pimp C’s Imprisonment

Probation violations from a prior aggravated assault arrest resulted in Pimp being sentenced to eight years in prison in January 2002. While many in the hip-hop scene were outraged by his arrest, he was nevertheless sentenced to time behind bars.


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Childhood Diseases

Pimp has had several health issues since he was a little boy. As a consequence of being born prematurely, he had to wear braces to straighten his legs.

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When it came to his health, he was plagued by stomach issues and near-sightedness. In addition, Pimp had pneumonia at least nine times.

Who Is Pimp C’s Wife?

From 2003 until the day of his death, he was married to Chinara Butler(Instagram). In 2003, while Butler was still inside, they were married. Dahcory and Christian, the couple’s children, are the couple’s only offspring. Lamont Butler II, the father of Pimp’s second child, was the name of a prior relationship’s kid.


Pimp and his wife enjoyed a long and happy marriage till his death. Now that he’s gone, his wife says it’s hard to be a widow. They enjoyed the finest moments of their life together.

All of us have experienced the agony of losing a significant other and having to raise a family on ourselves alone. For now, we pray that the Lord can help her overcome her sadness and become stronger.

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How Much Money Does Pimp C Have?

A well-known rapper back then, Pimp had a lot of name recognition even if he’s no longer with us now. Pimp’s net worth at the time of his death is estimated to be about $2,550,000. From his employment in the music industry, he earned all of this money.

Since he has worked with so many prominent artists and written so many songs, he is entitled to this much money. It’s apparent that if he were still living, he would have earned a lot more money than he did. He must have had a wonderful existence when he was here since we can only speculate about what it must have been like for him.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When Pimp C died, how much money did he have?

Port Arthur, Louisiana, rapper Pimp C formerly had a $309,000 home. The Oakmont Drive home was taken over by the bank in May 2016. While Chad “Pimp C” Butler earned a tonne of money as a member of Underground Kingz, he wasn’t very good at business.

Which of Pimp C’s family members is in charge of the estate?

Ms. Chinara Butler

The body of Pimp C was discovered in a hotel room in 2007. He’d overdosed on the substance. Chinara Butler raised the eldest of his three children, who were all orphaned by his death. So Chinara Butler was named executor of Pimp C’s estate since he did not leave a will in place.

How Old Is Pimp C Right Now?

Pimp C was discovered dead at a Los Angeles hotel on December 4, 2013. In a couple of Too Short performances in California, he had played the lead role. He had reached the age of 33. It is because of Pimp C and Bun B’s UGK that Southern rap has become the most popular kind of hip-hop today.

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