Judy Garland Net Worth 2022- What Is the Reason for Her Untimely Demise?

Judy Garland, an American singer, and actress was one of the most popular entertainers of her day. She’s most recognized for her portrayal of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, but she’s garnered accolades for a variety of roles throughout her career.

Judy Garland’s Early Years

On June 10, 1922, Frances Ethel Gumm was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. She was the youngest of Francis Avent “Frank” Gumm and Ethel Marion Gumm’s four daughters.

Judy Garland Age

To run a vaudeville-themed movie theatre, her parents relocated to Grand Rapids from New York City. She was baptized in a local Episcopal church and named after both of her parents. She was of Irish, English, Scottish, and French Huguenot ancestry, to name a few.

Known as “Baby” by her parents and sisters, she inherited her family’s musical and dancing abilities. During a Christmas show at their father’s movie theatre, she and her older sisters Mary Jane “Suzy/Suzanne” Gumm and Dorothy Virginia “Jimmie” Gumm sang “Jingle Bells” as a chorus. The Gumm Sisters, accompanied by their mother on the piano, performed there for a few more years.

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The family relocated to Lancaster, California, in June 1926, following reports that her father had homosexual tendencies. After Frank built and controlled the second theatre in Lancaster, Ethel began managing her daughters and trying to get them into film pictures.

Judy Garland’s Professional Career

In 1928, the Gumm Sisters made their television debut. The Garland Sisters’ new moniker has spawned a slew of theories as to why. For MGM, Burton Lane tried out for Judy Garland. During his tryout, Garland was signed by the team. Nobody knew what became of Garland.

As a 13-year-old, she was changing from kid to adult. When contrasted with Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor, she was called an “ugly duckling.”

Judy Garland News


Garland was a great actress and performer who brought in a lot of money for MGM. Life Begins for Andy Hardy, Babe in Arms, And Andy Hardy Meets the Debutante, and many others followed in the following years. Amphetamines were administered to her throughout many days of filming. Barbiturates were administered to the patient at night. MGM vehemently disputes this.

Indeed, the studio was never fond of Judy’s weight. Soup and lettuce were given to her daily. As a result of all that had happened, Judy’s self-doubt only became worse over time. In 1939, “The Wizard of Oz” became Judy Garland’s big break. She performed “Over the Rainbow” as part of her iconic performance in this pivotal role. Garland achieved this milestone before taking on the responsibilities of adulthood and dating Artie Shaw.

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Who was Judy Garland’s husband during this period?

In 1944, she married David Rose, the love of her life. Garland had an abortion while they were dating. Abortion took place in 1943. After starring in several pornographic films, her contract with MGM was terminated. In 1948‘s “The Pirate,” Garland attempted suicide for the first time. To cope with his grief following the Easter Parade, he began taking sleeping pills and morphine.

Judy Garland Bio

Garland’s acting was harmed by this downward spiral. She was fired from several films and would occasionally not show up for work. In 1950, MGM terminated Garland’s contract, resulting in a second suicide attempt. Her contract was terminated at the end of the year.

Despite her difficulties, Judy had a great career. Garland’s return to vaudeville was the first step toward his comeback. Liza Minnelli began working with her about this time. With the release of “A Star Is Born,” Garland made a triumphant comeback to the silver screen.

The Oscar went to Grace Kelly, even though she wasn’t widely predicted to win for her performance. Garland’s television career began in the 1960s when she was given her show.

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Her daughter Liza, 18, joined her on stage as a result of the cancellation of this show. Garland’s financial situation deteriorated after a series of bad divorces and mounting debts. For her, it was evident by the end of the 1960s.

What is Judy Garland’s net worth?

Upon Garland’s demise, her fortune was reported to be around USD 40,000. It may seem like a small amount, but in today’s money, it’s about $300,000.

Judy Garland Net Worth

However, Garland’s earnings as an actor and performer were immense. Her net worth may not be as high as one might expect. The actress made $400,000 at the age of 18, which works out to approximately $7.5 million now.

One hundred million dollars was amassed by Garland over her career. During the 1960s, Garland was making $50-$80,000 a year in song royalties, and her estate was estimated at $4 million.

Throughout her life, Judy Garland was married to someone.

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In her personal life, she has been married five times. She married David Rose in 1941, but the marriage didn’t endure long after. As a result, they divorced in 1944. The couple had a daughter, Liza Minnelli, together in 1945 after she remarried Vincente Minnelli. In 1951, they called it quits.


The couple had two children together, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft, after her third marriage to Sidney Luft ended in divorce. However, their romance did not last, and they called it quit in 1965.


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Also in 1965, she tied the knot with Mark Herron, with whom she was married until their divorce in 1969. On March 15, 1969, she married Mickey Deans, the love of her life, and the two were married until her death.

Judy Garland Passes Away

On June 22, 1969, Judy Garland, who had just turned 47, passed away. She was found dead in the bathtub of her Belgravia, London Cadogan Lane, rented property.

When she died, she had ten 1.5 grain (97mg) Seconal pills in her blood, which is what Coroner Gavin Thurston believes was the cause of her death. That the overdose was accidental, and there was no evidence that she took her own life, was highlighted by Thurston.

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Judy Garland’s Financial Struggle:

She lost all of her money and owed the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes because of poor preparation and uncertainty. Garland had attempted suicide several times in the past. A large portion of Garland’s earnings from the gigs were reportedly used to pay back taxes.

Frequent Asked Questions

Why did Judy Garland have such a bad reputation?

Garland struggled with money right up until the end. Mismanagement and embezzlement had emptied her bank account, and she owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Garland had already tried suicide.

How old was Judy Garland when she passed away?

When she died, she was 47.

Does anyone know if Judy Garland was intoxicated while performing?

People who paid to see Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz were regularly let down when Judy Garland arrived on stage intoxicated and late. A slurred-word performer who couldn’t even finish “Over the Rainbow” greeted them instead. Her performance was met with boos and dinner rolls thrown at her.

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