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Beat Shazam Season 6 Release Date – Unexpected Cast Revealed!

Beat Shazam Season 6 Latest News: Will the fervor reach the internet audience? It appears like FOX is planning a second season of Beat Shazam. We’re keeping a close eye on Beat Shazam Season 6 because of all the cancellation and renewal rumors.

Fox premiered Beat Shazam, a new musical game show, on May 25, 2017. He serves as an executive producer, along with Jamie Foxx and the original program creators Jeff Apploff, Lauren Zalaznick, Rich Riley, and Barry Poznick.

It was announced on July 12, 2017, that the second season would premiere on May 29, 2018, via Fox. Since the show’s been renewed for a third season, it will return to Fox on May 20 with three new episodes.

On January 31, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a four-season extension to the original broadcast date. Beat Shazam Season 6 will premiere on April 5, 2022.

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Beat Shazam Season 6 has a Storyline.

The Beat Shazam TV show on FOX is hosted and deejayed by Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx.

This game has three teams of two players competing to select music in the most efficient way possible. Jamie Foxx immediately switches to a different tune as a new round begins. We aim to be the first team to identify the song’s origins correctly.

When lower-scoring teams are eliminated, Shazam and other music discovery apps will still compete for a $1 million grand prize in the final round of the competition. This Season’s special episodes highlight educators, firefighters, and police officials.

Results from the fifth Season’s viewership

0.00 million people watched the fifth Season of Beat Shazam on average, and the 18-49 demo scored an an an an a. Season five’s demo and total viewers didn’t differ significantly from those of Season four.

Even when delayed or streamed viewing is not considered, a show’s performance may be compared to that of other shows on the same network. When deciding whether or not a television program will be renewed or canceled, ratings are the most critical factor.

Take a look at how Beat Shazam compares to other FOX shows.

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Season 5 Recap!

In each round, two-person teams fight to name songs and win bank credit (up from five in the first Season). Season one’s fourth round will have Shazam taking on the team with the most points.

Six times the user had to choose their favorite songs before the software finally recognized them. The winning team defeats the Shazam app will take home a cool $1 million in cash.

The opening round of play in the second Season is referred to as “Shazam Shuffle.” Identical to this Season’s final game, the fifth round last year was quite similar to the current round. As a result of Season 3, there were only five rounds in the Shazam Shuffle instead of seven.

Beat Shazam Season 6 – Cast

No further episodes will be aired in the fifth and final Season. No one is sure who will participate in this year’s music identification contest and walk away with the prize money. As of this writing, no one knows who will be on the show.

If the producers so choose, the new Season will be considered. We have no idea who will appear in the film as of right now. On the other hand, we are here to provide you with the identities of all last Season’s guest stars.

The likes previously saw the facility of Terrance Howard and Odell Beckham Jr. MC Hammer, a hip-hop musician best known by his stage name. Tony Gonzalez exemplifies this. Beyonce Knowles-Smith TLC’s Biv DeVoe has released a new album. Ginuwine Michael Bolton is one of the other performers.

When will Beat Shazam Season 6 be released?

Beat Shazam Season 6 will begin at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on May 23, 2022, according to Distractify.

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According to ABC, some of our unsung heroes will be honored in the upcoming fifth season. Several episodes will focus on educational and military officials, firefighters, and police officers.

As the clock ticks down to zero and one side battles for supremacy, it’s up to these warriors to hear the music.

Accurate forecasting improves a company’s financial standing. Contestants who correctly guess the song title at the end of each episode are eligible to win a large sum of money.

Is ‘Beat Shazam’s’ prize money?

Each Beat Shazam team has a chance to win $1 million by participating in just one program. Three teams compete to see who can correctly anticipate the most songs in the opening few minutes of each program. As previously stated, Beat Shazam Season 6 on May 23, 2022.


Currently, FOX hasn’t decided whether or not to renew Beat Shazam Season 6. The network has depended primarily on this one show, which has continuously been popular for most of this summer.

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In my mind, there is no question that the program will return. Any time new information becomes available, we’ll do our best to keep this page updated. If Beat Shazam is canceled or renewed, you can always sign up for a free email alert.

Do you believe that Beat Shazam has been brought back for Beat Shazam’s Season 6? In the future, would it bother you if FOX decided to discontinue showing this show?


Is Beat Shazam still running?

Beat Shazam Season 6 premiering on May 23, 2022, will be the series’ final installment.

Do you know if the company pays for Beat Shazam?

Here are some best practices for handling such a windfall if you’re the happy winner of a multi-billion-dollar lottery. You may get to meet Jamie Foxx, despite the odds. An excellent consolation award, in my opinion.

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