Mike Mora Net Worth – Kelis Rogers’s Husband Dead At 37!

An American photographer named Mike Mora is known for his work. According to reports, he is a real estate agent. After marrying American hip-hop and R&B singer Kelis Rogers, he shot to fame.

A Grammy Award-winning singer, she has been creating musical wonders for a long time Rapper Nas was formerly married to Kelis. In the end, though, they decided to separate ways.

Due to his prominent status as a spouse, little is known about Mike. Following his training in professional photography, his interests have broadened to include wildlife and portrait photography as well as fashion and gastronomy.

He’s a well-off, good-looking gentleman. Their friends and family are dedicated to the newlyweds.

They are assigned key relationship objectives during the game’s lifespan. The public is enamored with their chemistry and lifestyle.

There are many mansions and automotive collections owned by Mora and Rogers. In addition, they have a large social media audience.

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The Moras and Rogers are loving pairs who are there for one another no matter what.


Mike Mora is best known as Kelis Rogers’ husband in the music world. Besides being the husband of an A-list celebrity, Mora is also an accomplished artist. He has a distinct character and a successful career.

Mike Mora Age

When it comes to his day job, he’s an accomplished photographer. In addition to his career as a photographer, Mora is a real estate agent in the United States. He’s become well-known in his field.

A fashion and fitness enthusiast rounds out the persona. Mora is a gorgeous man with an exquisite sense of style, which impresses ladies regularly. He dabbles in photography in his leisure time, a pastime for which he has formally trained.

As well as portraiture, Mora also takes pictures of food, animals, and fashion. Being married to a prominent public person in the United States isn’t easy.

Neither Mora nor his wife expects him to engage in any illicit activities. He makes the most of his money through real estate. It’s no secret that Mora’s estate is well-publicized on his social media pages.

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Their fans adore Kelis and Mora because they have maintained a strong relationship. This couple is not just successful but also highly involved in the community.

Mike Mora Net Worth

Mike Mora Net Worth!

Mike has a lot of money. He hasn’t said how much of the business he now owns, though. Heiress to a fortune of $4 million, Kelis is Mike’s wife. As a result, they also owned a home in Los Angeles. $2 million is Mike’s net worth (US dollars).

What Is Mike Mora’s Relationship Like Right Now?

Mike Mora is currently married to Kelis Roger, according to public records. In 2014, they secretly tied the knot in front of their closest loved ones. The sixth anniversary of the couple’s marriage has already passed.

He has two children now, too. He and his wife had a son named Shepherd Mora in 2015. It happened in 2020 when they welcomed their second child, knight Mora.

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Similarly, there is no information on Mike’s prior relationships at this time. Kelis, whom he eventually married, appears to have been his first love.

Is there a family with Mike Mora?

Mike Mora Death

Mike Roger has a wife at the moment. They secretly tied the knot in 2014 in front of their closest relatives and friends.

As of this writing, it’s their sixth wedding anniversary. In contrast, it’s just Mike and his wife. Shepherd Mora was born in the year 2015. They welcomed Mora into the world in the year 2020.

For Mike, his prior relationships are also a mystery to us. Kelis, Mike’s first love, looks to be married to him.

Mike Mora has an Instagram account.


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A high school grad, Mike lacks any formal training. He also has a degree from New York University. Aside from that, there’s no way to learn about Mike’s educational history.

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