Omari Hardwick Net Worth: Famous for James “Ghost” St. Patrick for Starz’s Power!

Omari Hardwick is Known for his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in James “Ghost” St. Patrick; Omari Latif Hardwick is a multi-millionaire American actor.

Saved, “Dark Blue,” “Kick-Ass,” and “For Colored Girls” are just a few of the films in which Hardwick has appeared.

Since he departed Power in 2020, fans have been keeping a close eye on Omari’s career. Omari’s recent participation on The Pivot podcast has sparked a wave of queries from fans about his money in the past.

As a result, we’ll look into Omari Hardwick’s wealth in this piece.

Omari Hardwick’s childhood

Savannah, Georgia native Omari Hardwick was born on January 9, 1974. His mother is Joyce, and his father is Clifford Hardwick III. His father was an attorney.

Name Omari Latif Hardwick
Birth January 9, 1974
Profession Actor
Net Worth $5 million
Relationship with Jennifer Pfautch
Nationality American

Omari Hardwick’s Education in the United States

A native of Decatur, Georgia, Hardwick attended Marist School in Brookhaven and grew up in Brookhaven. Basketball, baseball, and football were just some of the sports he played at the university, but he also had an interest in the arts. He was a poet who published often.

After graduating from Marist School, Omari won a football scholarship at the University of Georgia. While he concentrated on football, Hardwick continued to compose poems and participate in theatre, which was his minor.

Omari Hardwick Bio

The Best Moments in Omari Hardwick’s Professional Career

  • When Hardwick graduated from college, he set his sights on a career in the NFL, namely with the San Diego Chargers. The acting was his fallback when he tried for the NFL but was passed over for a selection.
  • Hardwick took on odd jobs as a fledgling actor to help pay for acting classes. After several failures, he moved into his van until he landed a role in the 2004 television film Sucker Free City. With the success of “The Guardian,” he was cast as a regular cast member in the television drama “Saved.” To be qualified for the position, he underwent two years of training as a firefighter and paramedic.

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  • In 2002, Hardwick starred in the music video for Floetry’s “Say Yes.”
  • His involvement in the National Poetry Slam was awarded in 2003 and 2004.
  • In 2010, Hardwick co-founded the “Actor’s Lounge” at the Los Angeles Greenway Theater and joined the “Plan B Inc. Theater Group” as a founding member. Bravelife Films, a production company, was also founded by him. Prominence Magazine, an urban lifestyle publication, also highlighted Hardwick in its Holiday edition.

  • With Congresswoman Terri Sewell in the audience, Hardwick will present a poem at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in 2020.
  • His portrayal as Troy in 2011‘s highly praised indie blockbuster I Will Follow garnered him the best reviews of his career thus far. Hardwick portrayed Chris Novak, a convicted felon, in an episode of Chase on NBC.
  • Starz’s murder drama-thriller Power, in which Hardwick plays James “Ghost” St. Patrick, cast him as the show’s leading man in 2013.
  • On Nasty C’s 2016 single “A Star Is Born,” he was featured.
  • On July 6, 2018, “Sorry to Bother You,” a science-fiction comedy starring Chris Hardwick, was released in theatres nationwide.
  • Zack Snyder’s Netflix film Army of the Dead cast Hardwick in July 2019.
  • Netflix’s thriller series “Pieces of Her,” based on the novel by Karin Slaughter, cast Hardwick as Gordon Oliver in January 2021.
  • As previously reported, Hardwick will act with Marsai Martin and Kelly Rowland in the upcoming fantasy football film Fantasy Football, which is set for release in April 2022.

Omari Hardwick Net Worth!

Omari Hardwick is believed to have a net worth of $5 million as of 2022. Seven years after his debut on Power and subsequent leading roles, Chris Hardwick’s net worth has climbed to an incredible level.

Omari Hardwick Net Worth

Hardwick’s net worth is expected to grow in the coming years due to his Netflix work and his position as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the series’ star.

According to Omari Hardwick, 50 Cent loaned him some money.

Most people believe that a successful career in Hollywood involves a considerable wage. However, we’ve heard several times from African-American actors who claim they weren’t appropriately rewarded until much later in their careers. Omari Hardwick is another example.

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In an episode of The Pivot podcast that aired on May 27, 2022, Omari was open and honest about his finances throughout his career with presenters Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark, and Channing Crowder. Even though Omari ultimately acknowledged receiving compensation from Power, the actor maintains that “he never made what he should have” from acting.

The money… A dissatisfied Omari confessed to the hosts, and I never created what I should have made.” “The time has finally come.” Afterward, Omari said that 50 Cent had great respect for him because he repaid the rapper’s loan in full.

Omari Hardwick News

I think he’ll always respect the s—- out of me because of that, Omari said to the show’s hosts. “It’s just not something we’re taught in our community.” Even though it was so early in the year, I was pleased with myself for being able to return it with interest.

DAMN O! You can’t be misbehaving, in his mind. You need money. The summer after Season 1 [of Power] and the summer after Season 2 were both hot and humid. He gave me $20,000 the first time, then another $23,000 the following year. To say, “Take care of your loved ones,” was given to me.

Following a round of guesses from the panelists and the hosts, the 48-year-old said that Fred had it right when he predicted Omari’s pay on Power would be $150,000. “You got it right,” Omari said to Fred. The first time I’ve ever spoken to anyone about it is now. However, I served as the network’s public face.

What is Omari Hardwick’s relationship status with his wife?

Jennifer Pfautch is the wife of Omari Hardwick. Unlike Omari, Jennifer is not employed by the same company as her husband. A former assistant at the Creative Artists Agency, she now works as a publicist at Paradigm Talent.

For the past four years, Jennifer Hardwick and Omari Hardwick have been together. Since then, they’ve tried to keep their marriage’s specifics private. Fortunately, both still maintain Instagram profiles, allowing us to glimpse their daily activities.

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There is much to be learned from Jennifer and Omari’s perspectives on life. Unlike the other two couples, this one did not reveal how they initially met. They could keep their love going for the next ten years despite their difficulties.

Omari Hardwick Dating

Omari and Jennifer aren’t only interested in oversharing their intimate moments; they also care about a lot more. Most of her posts, self-love phrases, and pictures show that Jennifer is a strong proponent of body positivity and self-acceptance.

On the other hand, Omari posts about his interests and hobbies, including sports, politics, and images of him and his friends. Indeed you all agree that Omari is the most uncomplicated star of all time.

When it comes to marriage, though, it takes two to tango. The project isn’t only the work of Omari. On the other hand, Jennifer is a romantic in her own way. In a poignant message on Instagram, she confessed her affections for him.

There are rumors that Omari Hardwick and Jennifer Pfautch are expecting.

Because of their love and devotion to one another and the fact that it appears as though they are excellent parents, this couple has succeeded in making us envy. Omari and Jennifer Hardwick had two daughters, Nova and Brave.

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It has been difficult for them to conceive. As of 2012, the couple was expecting their first child. Despite this, they had a miscarriage at the seven-and-a-half-month mark. Because it was so tough for them, it hurt their relationship.

Omari Hardwick Life

Thanks to their calm heads, the relationship didn’t end. They were instead married for the second time. Only a year after they wed, Nova entered their life.

In 2015, they were joined by Brave. Despite their differences, they’ve always been a loving family, and nothing has been able to separate them. Omari’s fatherhood had a profound effect on him as well.

Even though he tried to keep the details of his children’s lives and his own parenting experiences under wraps, he couldn’t help but express his gratitude for being a dad.

Questions and Answers

Does anyone know the net worth of Omar Hardwick?

Omari has a current net worth of $5 million as of this writing.

Omari Hardwick is how old?

Forty-eight years old is the age of Omari Hardwick.

Are Omari Hardwick and his wife still together?

Since May 2012, Omari Hardwick and his wife, Jennifer, have been together.

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