One Day Release Date – Eleanor Tomlinson Joins The Other Cast for Season 1!

Netflix is now adapting David Nicholls’ novel One Day, originally converted into a feature film starring Anne Hathaway, into a TV series. Netflix’s One Day has added Eleanor Tomlinson, well known for her roles in Poldark and The Outlaws.

Eleanor Tomlinson will play Sylvie in One Day!

Her role will be that of Sylvie, a heroine in David Nicholls‘ novel One Day who starts a romantic relationship with Dexter Mayhew.

Actors Eleanor Tomlinson and Leo Woodall from The White Lotus will play Dexter and Emma Morley in One Day…

One Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter’s awkward encounters on July 15, 1988, the Day of their university graduation.

One Day Review One doomed couple’s existence is depicted in a single episode, demonstrating how they grow and change, spend time apart, and experience both joy and sorrow.

Doctor Foster producer Drama Republic is working on the project with Universal International Studios and Focus Features.

Jude Liknaitzky, Nicholls, and Nicole Taylor. Writers Anna Jordan, Vinay Patel, and Bijan Sheibani are also included. The show is directed by Molly Manners and produced by Nige Watson.

Author Nicole Taylor is joined by authors Anna Jordan, Vinay Patel, and Bijan Sheibani in the Three Girls BAFTA-winning film.

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Season 2 of Stephen Merchant’s comedy series The Outlaws, which had a recent appearance by Tomlinson, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 5, 2018. She has also appeared in the BBC miniseries The War of the Worlds and the Joss Whedon-created sci-fi dramas The Nevers and Intergalactic.

‘One Day’ allegedly began filming in London last week, and it’s expected that the production will move to Scotland for more filming shortly.

It was in the year 2021 that Tomlinson began his part on The Outlaws after starring in films and television shows such as Poldark, White Queen, Death at Pemberley, and War of the Worlds, among others. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Colette, and Love Wedding Repeat are a few of her other notable credits.

After graduating from college on July 15, 1988, Emma and Dexter begin a series of emotionally fraught encounters. In each chapter, they travel together and apart, experience joy and sorrow, and transform on that one Day in their life.

Filming began this week in London and will continue in Scotland. The show’s creators include producer Drama Republic, Universal International Studios, Focus Features, and Doctor Foster.

Tomlinson is represented by Conway van Gelder Grant in the United Kingdom and The Gersh Agency in the United States.

‘One Day by David Nicholls was published in 2009. On July 15, St. Swithin’s Day, each chapter chronicles the lives of two principal characters for 20 years.

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Most reviewers thought highly of it, so much so that the Galaxy Book of the Year award went to it in 2010. In August 2011, a film adaptation of Nicholls’ novel was released, and a television series for Netflix is now in development.


When it was first released, Nicholls announced his plans to adapt his novel into a film script. It’s difficult to cast someone “both middle-aged and students!” he said. We’ve discovered a means to demonstrate it, I believe.”

One Day Cast

Lone Scherfig, together with Random House Films and Focus Features, shot the film, which opened in theatres in August 2011. Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway starred as Dexter and Emma in the movie. Filming took place in France, Scotland, and England.


Netflix announced in November 2021 that it would adapt the novel into a television series. Nicole Taylor, Anna Jordan, Vinay Patel, and Bijan Sheibani make up the television show’s writing staff.

The program will be produced by Drama Republic, Universal International Studios, and Focus Features. Key roles are expected for Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod.

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