The Resort Trailer: Mystery Series Which Is Fizzy, Fun And Easy to Binge-Watch?

Peacock has released a new trailer for its forthcoming crime drama “The Resort.” Check it out below. A conventional criminal drama? Not quite. Both sides of a 15-year-old mystery are being explored here. The pair from “Palm Springs” and “The Good Place,” played by Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper, is in the Mayan Riviera for their tenth wedding anniversary.

Trailer for The Resort:

After a car accident, Milioti’s character discovers an old mobile phone, which reveals a 15-year-old mystery. She and Jackson Harper’s characters strive to find out what’s going on, why the missing individual went, and what they can do about it while seeking to salvage their marriage.

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Depending on how they handle a 15-year-old missing person case might bring a couple closer or break them apart. One of the riddles in Peacock’s forthcoming comedic thriller is this one.

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While on vacation with his parents and lover 15 years ago, a young boy, Sam (Skyler Gisondo), vanished. His parents and girlfriend discovered an old phone that Sam had left behind, which Emma discovered. A second guest at the resort went missing and was never found.

The Resort is introduced to us by Andy Siara, the author of “Palm Springs.” Mr. Robot and Metropolis Executive Producer Sam Esmail will take up the role. There is a resort owner played by Ben Sinclair (“Dave”) and a young kid played by Skyler Gisondo (“Licorice Pizza”) on vacation with his parents and girlfriend in an older time period, while a guy named Ted and his husband, also named Ted, are depicted by Parvesh Cheena (“Mythic Quest”). “Pam and Tommy” and “Parks and Recreation” will include Murray Thompson, Violet’s father, with Nick Offerman (Nina Bloomgarden).

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According to showrunner, author, and executive producer Andy Siara, The Resort is about a number of things. Swings of various sizes are offered. A 5-year-old boy is playing with his toys in the backyard as an adult is reminiscing about the good days in their lives.

Sometimes, it takes itself seriously, even though it never does. A part of him believes that it is about those who wish they could go back in time to a more carefree time before life’s difficulties piled up. It’s about people trying to recover a sense of identity. There’s a lot of mystery hidden there, too.

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The Disappointment of Time isn’t about our hero couple’s troubled marriage or the mystery, but we’re curious either way, so we’ll keep watching to find out.

This looks like it will be a beach comedy in the vein of “Vacation Friends” in the trailer’s opening and closing music. Dark noises ring out throughout the rest of the track. Even though a trailer is jam-packed with content, it does its job.

The Resort is being produced by UPS, a unit of Universal Pictures. Ben Sinclair will direct and executive produce the first four episodes. “The Resort” will begin streaming on Peacock on July 28, 2022.

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