Dragon Ball Super TV Anime – Awesome Movie Directed By “Tetsurô Kodama”!

Dragon Ball Super TV’s next season, which is expected to premiere in 2023, will continue the fantasy and adventure of Goku and the Z warriors. Since they haven’t yet revealed anything about the next series’ narrative, the DBSchronicles are the ones who broke the news of its comeback to television.

DBSchronicles on Twitter has made it very obvious that the upcoming season will be a continuation of Universe Survival Saga, the closing episode of the original anime that aired in 2015.

Is There A Reboot Of The Dragon Ball Super Anime?

When asked whether the next installment would be an adaptation of Granola or an entirely new storyline from the Galactic Prisoner Patrol Saga, there was no answer. At the same time, the latter aired after the original Dragon Ball Super series ended.

Dragon Ball Super Review The comeback of their particular program has sent the fans over the ninth cloud, but the exact date of its return has yet to be determined. Only a sliver of a chance exists that the following season will air in 2023.

It was previously announced by the series producer, Akio Iyoku, that the movie and series would not overlap at all because there would be a 2-3 year gap between the two releases. According to rumor and the producer’s statements, a new Dragon Ball movie is now under production. By the way, the movie’s narrative has yet to be revealed.

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Dragon Ball Super:

Superhero’s Biggest Surprise conglomerate news was leaked by DBSchronicles and proved verifiable and factual. As a result, we may assume that the most recent rumor about their expansion is just as reliable.

In one of the statements he provided, Iyoku revealed that fans might expect something more in addition to the release of Super Hero. In his defense, he made his case, but the ardent admirers are already tapping their toes in anticipation of the big revelation.

DBSchronicles has found a link between Iyoku’s comments and the producer’s remarks. Fans had determined that Iyoku must have been referring to the return of anime when he indicated a surprise.

Fans Reaction:

Meanwhile, Super Hero fans worldwide are excitedly awaiting its international debut on August 19, when Crunchyroll will make it available in the United States.

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Dragon Ball Super News

The Dragon Ball anime series may be seen in its entirety on Crunchyroll, including the original version titled “Dragon Ball Super Show,” as well as the English dub from VIZ media.

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