Power Book II Ghost Season 3 – Release Date, Expected Cast And Production Details!

The American drama series Power Book II Ghost Season 3, produced by Courtney A. Kemp, will premiere on Starz on September 6, 2020.

As a result, Power: The Series acts as both a prequel and a sequel. In December of 2021, the sitcom was given a third season order.

On July 26, 2019, Starz announced that Mary J. Blige would star in a straight-to-series order.

On February 9, 2020, Starz presented the show’s concept to the public. It was announced on September 22, 2020, that Starz had renewed the show for a second season, which would premiere on November 21, 2021.

Brett Mahoney will take over as showrunner for Power Book II Ghost Season 3 on December 7, 2021.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 – Coming or Not?

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 is coming.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of ‘Power Book IV: Force,’ the series’ fourth volume, we eagerly anticipate the start of production on season three early next year.

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Power Book II Ghost Season 3 – Release Date?

Season three’s release date has yet to be announced, despite the conclusion of season two. Season one began airing in September 2020, while the second season will premiere in November 2021. In terms of the show’s prospects in 2022, you can take what you like from it.

Power Book II Ghost season 3 Release Date Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Recap:

Professor Jabari Reynolds was found murdered in Season 2 of Ghost! Mecca, a vicious drug kingpin who adopts Cane, introduces himself to us. After Rashad Tate’s defeat, he wanted to get back into politics and ran for Congressman Rick Sweeney’s seat. On the other hand, he planned to join Professor Carrie’s team at Stansfield as an assistant professor.

As a result, Monet focused her family’s resources on helping Zeke pursue his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. This led him to Stansfield, where he was accused of the murder of Professor Reynolds.

At the same time, Tariq was balancing his studies, Yasmine’s placement in foster care, his mother’s incarceration, his drug business on campus, and raising money for his defense.

Power Book II Ghost season 3 Updates

While his father, Lorenzo, was imprisoned, Cane’s ambitions became more assertive, and he stole and traded the family’s stock of drugs. He was their sole source of resupply. It wasn’t long before Whitman began to accuse Carrie of the crime.

In any case, whatever she said caught the cop’s attention, and he ended up being arrested for assault. An interrogation by Detective Ramirez elevated the ballplayer into the primary suspect position!

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 News: When his mother insisted that Tariq be there for their procedure, Cane was annoyed. He determined that Brayden was the source of Riq’s weakness. Tariq’s life would have been in danger had the serpent not seduced the whiteboy into his grasp. Riq was named president of a shell business by Brayden to get custody of Yasmine, but Riq needed genuine documents.

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If the NYPD hid anything, Tariq tried to plant the impression that Det. Ramirez used his weapon in the crime to placate Zeke and allay his fears.

Despite his yearning for Monet and determination to forsake her imprisoned hubby, Dante/Mecca ultimately donated $1 million of Zeke’s defense fund on Monet’s behalf. As it turned out, Zeke was, in fact, Monet’s son and not her nephew at all… His paternal grandfather was named Mecca, and he was his father’s brother.


After discovering Detective Ramirez’s handgun in Tariq’s dorm room, Zeke was ruled out as a suspect. For fear of Tariq’s incarceration on murder charges, his father, Ghost, wrote a damning letter to him in prison. After posting bond, Riq could return to school and continue fighting the allegations. When Lorenzo was freed, it threw a spanner in the works for Monet’s plan to flee.

He approached Zeke and claimed to be Mecca (or Dante Spears as Monet referred to him). Diana uncovered the truth about Monet’s lies to Zeke and the rest of the family’s secrets!

In Power Book II Ghost Season 3, His inquiry took an unexpected turn when Tariq realized Lauren was wearing a wire that might have implicated Brayden, Cane, and himself. Carrie was encouraged to testify by Riq to safeguard Lauren. Davis embarrassed her in front of everyone. Carrie hung herself later that night after speaking with Monet!

Power Book II Ghost season 3 news

When Tariq had a bad dream, he realized he was guilty of murder. A Ghost appearance was expected, but he was not. Maybe in Power Book II Ghost Season 3?

In the last episode, Monet realized that Dante was Mecca and created a plan to kill him after learning he was. Brayden was instrumental in getting Tariq’s case thrown out.

Tariq had Yasmine released from foster care and reunited with Tasha (who finally made an appearance in the second season). Riq promised his family that he would mend fences with them whenever he had the resources and authority to do so…

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Monet assassinated Mecca at the end (who turned out to be a federal confidential informant). It has emerged that Tariq is a suspect in yet another murder because he visited the crime scene.

Lorenzo shot and killed Zeke because he thought he was blocking Mecca from departing on a private jet! When Monet gets a phone telling her that her kid has passed away, we know we’ve arrived at Power Book II Ghost Season 3’s story…

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 – Plot?

After the shocking finale of season two, Monet will learn that her husband Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) murdered her son Zeke by accident.

Power Book II Ghost season 3 Story

Tariq (Justin McManus), who had initially intended to leave the drug trade after Professor Jabari Reynolds’ (Justin McManus’) death, has instead decided to stay and function as the new link in the chain now that Mecca is no longer a factor even though he was able to spare Tariq from going to jail, Brayden betrayed him by setting up Tariq’s college girlfriend, Lauren, who was killed in a vehicle accident during a car accident.

Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) was revealed as Mecca’s assigned officer at the film’s end. To make matters worse for Tariq, Blanca returns with a fuzzy picture of him in her hands as she investigates Mecca’s shooting.

Cooper Saxe and Jenny Sullivan will also work to expose Davis MacLean’s poor legal representation in season three. While MacLean is working on getting his brother Theo Rollins, who is doing time for a murder he did not commit, out of prison.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 – Cast Members!

It’s been reported that most of the cast will be returning. Consequently, we’ve compiled a list of potential Power Book II Ghost Season 3 cast members below.

Power Book II Ghost season 3 Cast

  • Mary J. Blige in the role of Monet Tejada, Stewart
  • Shane Johnson in the role of Cooper Saxe
  • Daniel Bellomy in the role of Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross
  • Tariq St. Patrick as played by Michael Rainey Jr.
  • Lovell Adams-Gray in the role of Dru Tejada
  • Gianni Paolo in the role of Brayden Weston
  • Alix Lapri in the role of Effie Morales
  • Davis Maclean as Method Man
  • Councilman Larenz Tate Tate, Rashad
  • Berto Colon in the role of Lorenzo Tejada
  • Quincy Tyler Bernstine plays Tameika Robinson.
  • Woody McClain in the role of Cane Tejada
  • Blanca Rodriguez, Monique Gabriela Curnen
  • LaToya Tonodeo in the role of Diana Tejada
  • Lahmard Tate in the role of Kamaal Tate
  • Paton Ashbrook in the role of Jenny Sullivan
  • As Detective Kevin Whitman, Jeff Hephner
  • Redman, in the role of Theodore Rollins
  • As Yasmine St. Patrick, Paris Morgan
  • Geoffrey Owens in the role of Daniel Warren
  • Tasha St. Patrick as Naturi Naughton

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Power Book II Ghost Season 3 will begin with Lauren Baldwin being assassinated. There has been no further information given about the following season.

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Trailer:

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