Tia Booth And Taylor Mock expecting their First Child (The Bachelor)!

TV show “The Bachelor,” Taylor Mock and Tia Booth expect their first child together.

Tia Booth is about to become a mom for the first time! On Sunday, the Bachelor in Paradise alum and her fiance Taylor Mock expect their first child together.

The Couple’s first child is on the way, as Tia Booth’s pregnancy announcement has gone viral.

This Father’s Day, I want to send you a sincere greeting to say, “Happy soon-to-be Fathers Day to my forever. Mock kissed Booth on the forehead in a now-deleted black-and-white shot as she held her growing baby bulge.

When asked about the most challenging part of her pregnancy, she said she was also dealing with her father, who passed away in February.

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The Arkansas native had to deal with an emotional rollercoaster for the first time in his life. Gratitude has been challenging to convey because of the absence of one of the essential individuals in my life.”

Tia Booth pregnant As of 2022, no one knows precisely how old Taylor Mock is. No matter how you slice it, he seems to be between 30 and 35, whereas Tia Booth is 31 now.

August 11th, the date she was born in 1991, is the date she chooses to mark the occasion.

Because they are both in the same age range, there is no substantial age difference between them. This means Tia is an American citizen and a permanent resident of the United States of America, where she was born.

As for Taylor, he was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up in the city.


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The couple made their engagement announcement on Father’s Day.

Congratulations to Taylor Mock and Tia Booth, who will become parents for the first time shortly! On Father’s Day, the ex-Bachelor Nation candidate revealed his engagement to his social media audience.

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Unfortunately, the reality star’s father died from colon cancer in February 2022, only months before she found out she was pregnant, so the news was uncompromising for her to accept.

Tia used a monochrome image to announce her pregnancy. A snapshot of the mock shows her holding her expanding baby bulge.

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When Tia was younger, a photo of the two of them together was taken. At this point, she made the observation: “I’ve never felt such immense sorrow and absolute happiness at the same instant. When she commented earlier, she explained exactly what she meant.

Taylor Mocka and Tia Booth utilize Instagram handles “tiarachel91” and “ttmock39” as active users. Right now, they’re adored by a legion of admirers and fans.

Tia Booth made her television debut on The Bachelor’s 22nd season. Arie Luyendyk Jr. hosted it as one of the competitors. In the end, she was one of the last four women standing.

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