Will Smith Post Slap Comeback- Supposed To Make His Second Appearance In ‘I Am Legend 2’

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: Will Smith became the most talked-about name in the headlines of nearly all publications after his hard-core Slap on the Oscar stage. In addition, he became a familiar figure on the news networks for a number of days in a row. Due to the quick reaction on such a large platform, things got worse for the career of this outstanding musician. The audience had a variety of feelings about the presentation. Some people defended his conduct, but the majority felt it was inappropriate for him to behave in such a rude manner at an event like the Academy Awards.

In spite of this, he is preparing to return to the stage with a bang following his triumphant return from “Slap.” We all want to know what he’s working on next. Make sure to check out this page for all the latest updates about your favourite actor.

I Am Legend 2 Will Smith

Smith Planning To Come Back In ‘I Am Legend 2’: Will Smith Post Slap Comeback

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback appears to be rather eventful. After the infamous event of “The Slap at Oscar,” he is reportedly moving on to new endeavours.

77 days have passed, and the actor must now put the past behind him and go ahead. As a result of the Slap event, he had to deal with a lot of backlashes. However, Will’s admirers can finally see his new appearance and see him back on the big screen.

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Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: He is now filming the sequel to I Am Legend. Official confirmation, according to reliable sources, is still lacking. In addition, it is expected that Warner Bros. would be the principal signatory of the pact. As long as you keep an eye on the news, time will tell you everything.

What Are The Plans Of The Artist?

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: Westbrook Studios, Will Smith’s film production business, appears to be producing the sequel to I Am Legend. This has yet to be addressed by the actor or any other members of the crew. The announcement, of course, piqued the interest of those who had enjoyed the first film in the series.

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Despite the fact that his studio has not rejected him, moviegoers will have to wait until the actor makes an official announcement about his involvement in the future picture.

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: The next question to be asked is if Smith’s life has returned to normal since the event. During this year’s Oscars, Smith became enraged and smacked Chris Rock, the host, hard. The actor’s outburst was sparked by some disparaging remarks about his wife that he couldn’t contain.

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Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: As a result of this event, Will Smith was barred from the Oscars. Due to these events in March, the actor was shocked by what he had just done on stage. Upon departing from the situation, the actor expressed regret for his actions and described them as “totally awful”. After this frightening experience, several of his initiatives were cancelled.


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Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: Fast and Loose, which was meant to be streamed on Netflix, was one of the most high-profile projects on this list. However, despite these short-term obstacles, the actor continued on with his career.

The Next Big Thing Coming

Will Smith Post Slap Comeback: Next up for Smith will be the I Am Legend Sequel. Sony CEO Tom Rothman, on the other hand, has lately expressed his thoughts on the destiny of Bad Boys 4. In light of the fact that the new season is already in the works, he stated that he didn’t see the need for any major changes. In addition, no single event may end life. As a result, this well-known person felt optimistic that Will Smith would return shortly.

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Sony’s CEO’s claim that “something new and intriguing” is on the way from Smith looks to be coming to fruition shortly. However, it’s unclear who will be by his side as he embarks on this new chapter. Indeed, Chris Smith’s career suffered greatly as a result of Oscar’s violent slap on him. He’s doing everything he can to get back to the way things were so he can win over his admirers once more. But will he be able to carry out his plans?

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