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Amber Heard- After Johnny Depp’s TikTok Post, She Suggests That Women on the Right Are Going Backwards

Johnny Depp sent a heartfelt TikTok message to Amber Heard lately. For a long time, the couple’s legal battle was the buzz of Hollywood. However, it’s time for both actors to move on from their roles. Thus, her ex-husband of Heard felt it was his duty to write a positive Tik Tok message for her.

Do you have any idea how Amber Heard felt about this? Find out all you need to know in this article.

Amber Heard Reacts To Johnny Depp’s Tik Tok Debut after trial

Johnny Depp’s Tik Tok trip began on Tuesday. With the launch of this new app, Amber Heard’s ex-husband initiated a “Moving Forward” message for her. In the beginning, Heard filed a domestic violence and physical abuse claim against his husband, but he later dropped the lawsuit. After he put an audio tape online and launched a defamation action against his ex-wife, Johnny Depp went on the offensive. Finally, the actress was found guilty, which sparked a wave of harsh comments on social media.

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It was impossible to remain cool after receiving such a letter from her ex. She, on the other hand, handled the issue deftly and came up with an excellent response. Her comment went viral almost immediately, and her followers were blown away by it.

Trial Results Of The Star Couple

Johnny Depp’s first TikTok post began with a heartfelt thank you to his admirers. Throughout the trial, he thanked all of his supporters for their continued support. Amber was awarded $2 million and Depp was awarded $10.35 million in the most recent decision.

The damages the stars incurred as a result of the double-trial were reflected in these sums. Six weeks later, the case was still going strong. A jury decided in favor of Johnny Depp at the end of the trial.

First Post On Tik Tok Page

Hundreds of Fantastic Beasts fans were intrigued by the Fantastic Beasts star’s most recent Tik Tok tweet. It seemed to imply that the actor is getting ready to embark on a new chapter in his life. One of the adherents, on the other hand, claimed that women’s rights are now taking a backseat. The follower showed respect for Amber by making a caustic remark on Depp’s tweet. In contrast, Johnny’s Tik Tok admirers hoped for a positive response from his ex-wife when he posted his first video.

However, Tik Tok’s complete message has nothing to do with Amber Heard or their personal life. The actor intended for his first post to promote his new project and to thank all of his well-wishers and devoted followers. In addition, he said that his fans are the most important thing in his life. All of them would soon go on and tread the same route together, just as in the past days, he informed them.

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Additionally, he wrote that he considers everyone who follows him to be an employee. He exists if they do. More than 4 million people responded to his tweet in only 24 hours. That means that the launch of his social media presence is surely successful.

Reaction To Amber Heard

After the judgment was announced, Amber Heard is obviously going through a difficult time. A second appeal against this order is also in the works. Amber had nothing kind to say about her ex-tweet husband when asked by her followers to reply to it.

The actress said on Wednesday that she couldn’t fathom her emotions in light of the current scenario. In addition, she voiced her grief at the fact that so much evidence could not defeat the dominant side in the court. No one in the court believed a word she said, which had no effect on her husband’s position of power. Because she believes the court acted unjustly, of course.

Such an injunction in favor of his husband, according to Heard, is truly antithetical to all women around the globe. In reality, it is a setback for any woman who is trying to speak up against the injustices that are taking place in her life. These young ladies’ plight indicates that no one will defend them. Protesting domestic abuse only results in public shame.

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