Michael B Jordan’s Breakup – Lori Harvey’s Mother Posts a Secret Message!

Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan’s breakup has also had a profound effect on Harvey’s mother. Her statements were mysterious in one of her latest blogs. It shows that she has complete confidence in her daughter’s well-being. In a video message, Mrs. Harvey made it clear that she disapproves of Michael B Jordan’s actions against her child.

Steve Harvey‘s wife and mother-in-law, Marjorie Harvey, is a self-proclaimed fashion queen. The 57-year-old woman is still active on her Instagram account and is not afraid to speak out against injustice. A similar impression is made in Lori’s separation after a year of a steady romance. Read this article if you want to know more about this exciting development.

After a year of dating, Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan have broken up. Help For The Daughter Who Has Been Heartbroken

The split between Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan has left her in utter devastation. The actress’s mother responded to one of Jennifer Lewis’s Instagram stories two days after the divorce. Lewis posted a rude message on her account on June 6. Many people interpreted the tweet as referring to Lori and Michael B Jordan’s recent split, despite the text’s lack of a clear link.

Lori Harveys Mother Michael B Jordan Lori Harvey’s mother, on the other hand, couldn’t resist making a cryptic comment after reading this piece. The six-second footage of Lewis was enough to pique the audience’s curiosity.

In November 2020, Jennifer’s mother, Marjorie, shared a video of her daughter Jennifer, but with a twist. On June 4, reliable sources corroborated this news and indicated that the two still had affection for one other. Both Jordan and Harvey could not move on from the pain of their divorce, despite calling it a halt. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to continue their relationship.

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Michael B Jordan is allowed to go out into public at any time.

Even though Michael B Jordan is said to be hurting from the breakup, he is nevertheless free to enjoy himself in public. Additionally, a photo of Creed’s actors, Ryan Reynolds, and Cordae, was recently widely shared on social media. It was in support of the NBA Finals in San Francisco. He seemed to appreciate this game and had a good time playing it with the rapper.

The one thing that surprised me was how quiet he was during the match, and he didn’t seem to be cheering much. Everyone could see how troubled he appeared that day, as his typical personality was missing from his demeanor.


However, Lori’s Instagram account was filled with sexually explicit images. Many people’s hearts skipped a beat when they saw her selfies. As though she’s attempting to move on from her past, the famous person appears to be trying to forget it all. Her social media accounts are empty of references to Michael B Jordan.

Steve, Lori’s stepfather, was always there for her. On Twitter, he praised God for freeing his daughter from a toxic relationship and shared a meme. The news of the Dream Team actor’s split from the world-famous Hollywood model was even verified by him in a post on June 6, 2022.

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Steve also added a message to his post to recognize that the events that transpired ultimately benefited all parties in the long run. So instead of being depressed, they should look forward to new chances.

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Jennifer Lewis demonstrated in the video that sitting on crap for an extended period makes the stench go away. Because of this, you must emerge swiftly. Soon after the experience with her daughter, Marjorie Harvey realized the full significance of this message and quickly re-posted it. Like Lori, she could not accept that the couple had broken up, even though they had formed a strong relationship. As a result, this post seemed appropriate to her in light of the current circumstances.

Lori Harveys Mother Cryptic Post

The two ended their one-year romance amicably, Steve added in a social media message. Even if it won’t be simple to forget everything so quickly, it’s occasionally preferable to quit some relationships early for the greater good.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show host also cautioned, saying that he is not concerned with anyone’s actions unless they negatively impact his daughter’s life. Therefore, his statements show how deeply he cares for Lori and her wellbeing. Any responsible father would have a similar response in the event of a split.

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