Steven Tyler Net Worth: Lead Singer Boston-based Rock band Aerosmith!

Artist: Steven Tyler is a famous American vocalist who made his name as the frontman for the rock band Aerosmith and has a healthy bank account.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist, contributing to the piano, drums, and harmonica. His piercing screams and impressive vocal range have earned him the moniker “Demon of Screamin.”

In addition to his acting skills, he is also well-known for his on-stage gymnastics. Tyler is often seen in brightly colored costumes when performing, and his signature scarves are draped over the top of the microphone.

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Steven Tyler’s Early Years

On March 26, 1948, Steven Victor Tallarico was born in Manhattan, New York. His mother, a secretary, and his father, a musician, and pianist, contributed to his upbringing.

His father was a classical musician. Thus Tyler was exposed to music early. Although he attended Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, he was expelled due to drug use. Then, sometime later, he graduated from Quintano’s School for Young Professionals.

Steven Tyler Childhood

How Steven Tyler Got Where He Is Today!

At a local rock event in 1969, Steven Tyler met Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton, who would later join his band.

They decided to form a band, and the original three recruited two other musicians to play with them. As a band, Aerosmith began in 1970. After signing with Columbia Records in 1972, the band released their self-titled first album the following year.

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Unfortunately, the band’s internal strife was evident by the late 1970s. Tyler and Perry’s respective careers were negatively impacted by their drug use. In 1980, Tyler’s decline culminated in a motorbike accident.

For their 1984Back in the Saddle Tour,” Aerosmith reunited after a lengthy hiatus. In 1986, after realizing their drug addiction jeopardized their careers, the whole band opted to enter treatment.

Steven Tyler News

Their subsequent album, titled “Pump,” was released in 1989. Three songs from the album reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, indicating the album’s success. Incest, murder, excessive drinking, and drug use were all topics.

Even into the 1990s, Aerosmith continued to release albums at a far lower rate than in the 1980s. Get a grip was their best-selling record, and it was played in every corner of the globe.

Aerosmith remained active throughout the new millennium’s first decade by traveling, performing live, and releasing records. Albums like “Just Push Play” (2001) and “Honkin’ on Bobo” (2001) were released by them in the 2000s (2004). The group’s recent CD is “Music from Another Dimension” (2012).

How Much Steven Tyler Is Net Worth Today?

According to projections, Steven Tyler will be valued at about $150 million in 2022.

Lead vocalist of Aerosmith Tyler has reportedly spent $6 million on cocaine during his life. In 2004, he released his autobiography, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” in which he discusses his life. In his essay, Tyler recalls his introduction to narcotics at 16.

Steven Tyler Net Worth

His drug use had progressed to the point that he would get up at 4 a.m., take acid, go back to sleep for two hours, and then begin his day.

The more successful his band grew, the wilder things became. He bragged to Rolling Stone about doing poppers with Jimi Hendrix on a roller coaster. Poppers, which often include amyl nitrite, are inhalants that provide a short but intense high.

The Relationship Status of Artist: Steven Tyler

Liv Tyler was born in 1977 after Tyler dated fashion model Bebe Buell for a brief period. To protect her kid from Tyler’s drug usage, Buell first stated that Todd Rundgren was the father. Liv married British singer Royston Langdon and dated entertainment manager David Gardner, giving Tyler three grandchildren.

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Cyrinda Foxe, a former model for Andy Warhol and the ex-wife of David Johansen, lead vocalist of the New York Dolls, became his wife in 1978. Mia Tyler, a fashion model, is their daughter (born on December 22, 1978).

He and Foxe separated in 1987. Then, in 1997, Foxe published a memoir titled Dream On Livin’ on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, in which she detailed her relationship with Tyler. As a result of brain cancer, Foxe passed away in 2002.


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On May 28, 1988, Tyler and Teresa Barrick tied the knot in Tulsa. Chelsea was born to him and Barrick in 1989. Taj, his son, was born in 1991, and the couple announced their separation in February 2005 due to issues in each of their individual lives. The couple finally ended their relationship in January of 2006.

Tyler began dating Erin Brady the same year (2006). In December 2011, they exchanged their vows. After being engaged since May 2012, Tyler and Brady called off their wedding in January 2013.

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Just what is Steven Tyler’s day job?

In the rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler handles vocal duties.

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A total of four children have been born to Steven Tyler.