The Next 365 Days- All of Next Year’s Content Is Now Available On Netflix!

Lastly, on August 19, 2022, at 12 am PT, the third installment of the 365 Days series, titled The Next 365 Days, will be available on Netflix to view.

Like the other installments in the series, the plot of the 2022 film will center on the tangled web of emotions that connect Massimo and Laura.

The Next 365 Days ExplainedThe Next 365 Days Netflix

Starring Michelle Morone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, the Next 365 days will show the narrative of a young gorgeous man, Nacho, a member of the Sicilian mafia family, who kidnaps Laura, a sales manager, and gives her a year, in other words, 365 days to fall in love with him.

Despite this, she has already fallen in love with Don Mossimo, the young and gorgeous guy whose charisma and piercing gaze have made him the breakout star of the film franchise’s sequels.

The plot is intriguing, and it’s safe to assume that the movie will maintain the sizzling passion and electric chemistry between the audience’s favorite couple without breaking a sweat.

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Name The Next 365 Days \sLanguage Polish \sGenres Drama \sRomance \sCast

Mrs. Rebecca Casiraghi

Michele Morrone

The Netflix Streaming Release Date for Anna-Maria Sieklucka Is August 19, 2022.

Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandez’s Next 365 Days are causing a stir online thanks to some particularly adorable footage of the couple having love on camera.

The Next 365 Days Release Date

The Next 365 Days Release Date

The sequel to 365 Days: The Polish title of the third installment of the 365 Days series is “kolejne 365 Dni,” and its release date is set for Friday, August 19, 2022.

The prequel came out in April of 2022, and the writers are already hard at work on the sequel. Once The Next 365 Days is released in August, the trilogy will be complete. Fans have been rooting for a happy ending for the couple from the beginning of both series, but it has yet to materialize.

We won’t know what happens to the couple until the premiere airs, but in the meanwhile, there’s the August 2022 teaser to fawn over.

When and Where Can I See The Next 365 Days?

Netflix has now revealed the day on which customers will be able to stream their favorite movie from the comfort of their own homes, thus the next year will be spent watching Netflix.

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The Next 365 Days is a great option to consider viewing with your sweetheart now that it has been released on Netflix, which is where many people go to watch their favorite shows and movies.

We’re confident that once the sensual thriller The Next 365 Days premieres, you’ll be glued to your screens.

Without further ado, here is a preview of the cast you can see on August 19!

If you haven’t seen or heard about Massimo and Laura’s love story, which is leaving footprints on every social media platform, you must be living under a rock. Don’t you want to know who else besides the pair will be appearing this summer? Also, who actors will be returning to their previous roles?

Predictions for the Coming Year:

To wit: Michelle Morrone as Don Massimo

Adopted by Michelle Morrone, Adriano

Performance by Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura


The Next 365 Days Cast

Natasza Urbaska as Anna Magdelena Lamparska as Olga Otar Saralidze as Domenico

Playing the role of Nacho is Simone Susinna.

There are a few more established actors and interns that would be visible among the staff and actors like Blanka Lipinska, Tomasz Mandes, Ewa Kasprzyk, Ramon Lanka, Dariusz Jakubowski, and Natalia Siwiec. According to the statement, viewers will have to watch the film on Netflix in order to learn who plays which roles.

The Next 365 Days Trailer

Bringing back the pace of 365 Days fans, Netflix published the Next 365 Days teaser on August 8, 2022. The nearly two-minute movie had several sensual film sequences set to appropriate music. Netflix primarily released the first 4 minutes of the film on July 25.

Those of you who have seen the entire series of 365 Days: This Day may have guessed the moment when the producers pulled the plug. The last film left the viewers hanging by the ending, which saw Laura being shot. However, there was no need for a trailer to know that she was alive as we previously knew that Laura would survive the gunshot in the end, after all, she is the lead.

Substantial hints of the difficulties and dangers that lie ahead for the pair are dropped in the trailer’s dramatic opening. In particular, the reappearance of nasty and mischievous Nacho, who is drawn to Laura like a moth to a flame.

But even if you’re not one of them, you won’t want to miss a second of the magnificent contest.

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If you’re wondering what happens in the sequel, here it is. Please find a seat; we are about to have a lengthy conversation. Watch out, there will be spoilers ahead.

What happens in The Next 365 Days 2022? The Next 365 Days plot summary:

Adriano, who was killed by Massimo at the end of 365 Days: This Day, is seen at the beginning of the sequel. Despite the fact that she was shot by Massimo’s ex-lover Anna, Laura survives in the sequel as well. There was no sign of Anna in either the trailer or the first four minutes of the clip, so it is safe to assume that she was killed in the final gunfight.

Massimo and Laura were engaged on this day, foreshadowing their wedding in the film.

The Next 365 Days News

Massimo’s right-hand man, Otar Saralidze, and Laura’s best friend, Magdalena Lqamparska, who are both married by the end of the trilogy’s first act, will also travel with the couple. In addition, Nacho, who has a major crush on Laura, will make an appearance in the next film, and we will learn that he is the sole son of the Mafia lord who has long been Massimo’s family’s worst enemy.

Here’s all you need to know before you commit your time to the third installment of the 365 Days trilogy on Netflix if you’ve been wondering how you’re going to watch the immensely hyped movie because you missed the last film released in the series.

Despite the reveal of Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother, in The Next 365 Days: This Day, Laura’s existence was left hazy once more. After the tragic death of Massimo’s one true love, Laura, at the end of the second film, the protagonist of the third film is once again put in a position of having to decide between his unborn child and his inviolable love.

The second film is anticipated to explain why Laura suffered a miscarriage in the middle of the first film but didn’t tell Massimo.

However, Massimo’s senses were dulled by Laura’s onslaught and he missed Adriano’s mutterings about the miscarriage in the midst of the intense argument.

Already precariously balanced, the couple’s relationship begins to tremble as Nacho introduces seeds of envy and encourages them to doubt their mutual trust. To sum up, Nacho represents the greatest danger that Massimo and Laura will encounter in the unreleased film.


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While it’s true that the film is somewhat based on Blanka Lipinska’s novel (namely the first two sequels), it would be unreasonable to assume that all of the events in the film will accurately reflect those in the book.

The novel is the only source of information for the first prequel, thus there is no room for argument there; nevertheless, the showrunners have rethought several aspects of the book for this one in an effort to reduce the controversy.

Despite being kidnapped by the bad man at the beginning of the novel, the protagonist Laura ends up falling in love with Nacho, the good person. This summer promises many unexpected and unpleasant developments. Keep an eye out.