I Came By Release Date – Why so Many Negative Reviews on It?

On August 31, 2022, Netflix will begin streaming I Came By, an anticipated thriller. Big names like Hugh Bonneville and George Mackay will be in the movie. Many people have been drawn to see this film because of its engaging plot.

The article details the story, where to watch it online, who stars, and more about I Came By.

About What Am I Wondering If I Happened Upon?

Babak Anvari, director of the award-winning thriller I Came By, received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award for his work. It was made by Two and Two Pictures. I Came By was shot in London and other locations throughout the UK.

The film follows the journey of a graffiti artist who puts himself and others in peril along the way. The film’s more adult tone is justified by its depiction of violence, suicide, and substance use (16 and above in age).

Name I Came By
Genre Thriller
Language English
Casts Kelly Macdonald, George MacKay
Hugh Bonneville
Official site Netflix
Release date August 31, 2022

The film will be made available on Netflix and included in the service’s collections of thriller films available for streaming. I Came By features an impressive cast and an intriguing story. On August 31, 2022, the film will be made available on Netflix, among other crime and thriller films.

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I Came By – Release Date!

The date of August 31, 2022, has been set for the premiere of the suspenseful Netflix film I Came By. Besides Netflix, the movie is also planned to be released in select theatres in the UK on August 19, 2022.

I Came By Release Date Babak Anvari, who also serves as the film’s director, and Namsi Khan penned the screenplay for the movie, which stars the legendary George Mackay. Director Babak Anvari’s resume includes the blockbuster film “Wounds” and other notable projects. This movie fits the bill for both criminal and thriller fans.

There’s also a promising official trailer for the film just published. The running time of the film I Came By is about 2 hours: one hour and fifty minutes of nail-biting excitement. People can’t wait for this film to come out to watch George Mackay and Hugh Bonneville do their magic on screen. It’s a strange couple, but we’re into it.

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The Plot Was Discovered by Accident

George Mackay, who plays a teenage graffiti artist, is at the center of the story of I Came By. This performer is an anarchist who wants to make a scene. He breaks into the homes of well-to-do individuals and ostentatiously exhibits his work there. Although his identity remains unknown, his art has gained recognition.

I Came By News

The success of his job has made him well-known in the public eye and a wanted man in the eyes of the law. This young artist makes the classic error of choosing a retired judge’s home as his subject when he might have chosen any of the many famous mansions filled with wealth. This Judge, portrayed by Hugh Bonneville, is legal authority.

The graffiti artist Toby breaks into the home of a former High Court judge and discovers a shocking truth. Because of the secret, Toby and his closest friends and family members are in danger.

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Where Can I Catch the Show I Stopped by for?

On August 31, 2022, the feature-length documentary I Came By will be made accessible for streaming on the popular website Netflix. The UK theatrical release of this suspense film will precede its streaming debut on Netflix. The movie’s narrative occurred in London and was shot entirely in the United Kingdom.

I Came By Cast

The film boasts an engaging and original plot about a rebellious artist who gets in trouble when he chooses the incorrect house to prank. His life, and the lives of the people he cares about, are at risk when shocking truths are uncovered as he accomplishes this. Audiences can see what happens when a vandalizing act of resistance goes wrong at the end of this month on Netflix.