Jill Biden – First Lady of the United States Tested Positive for Covid-19!

The White House reported on Tuesday that First Lady Jill Biden, 71, has tested positive for Covid-19 despite receiving two doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Similarly to her husband, President Joe Biden, 79, Jill Biden was cautious about the virus; the power couple had previously done their part by increasing their immunity in the face of the rising number of Covid cases, which has already disrupted the normalcy throughout nearly two and a half years.

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, Is a Covid Positive!

The news broke on Tuesday that Jill Biden had been having some minor symptoms, which are now considered normal. On the other hand, Dr. Biden apparently tested positive for CoronaVirus only recently and is now fully recovered.

Biden, however, will be taking further precautions, including wearing a protective mask for the next 10 days, even at home, following the stringent standards of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jill Biden News Since last Wednesday, August 10, the Bidens have been undergoing immunization, and on Monday, Jill Biden began exhibiting symptoms. She started showing cold symptoms that evening, so doctors ran tests almost away.

Jill Biden has been issued a larger dose of the antiviral medication Paxlovid and advised to remain in seclusion for five days at their vacation home because she has already been double-boosted. The Bidens, from the initial wave to the current varieties, were probably aware of the difficulties and potential of the test. Therefore a good result was improbable.

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Though the First Lady had a positive result on the antigen test, a subsequent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test came out negative.

Elizabeth Alexander, Jill’s close contact and communication editor, has provided an update stating that Jill has been taken to their South Carolina residence for several days to follow her quarantine procedures and that she will return once her Covid-19 tests show negative on two separate occasions.

There were rumors that Jill Biden’s trip to Florida for a Joining Force event on Thursday and Friday had been postponed or scrapped.

Jill Biden Covid

Since the President reportedly tested negative on Tuesday, the White House has said he has a full itinerary.

And even though he’s feeling much better now, the President’s plans had to be put on hold when it was advised that he start wearing a mask even while he’s not outside.

On Tuesday, he will return to Washington to sign the climate change legislation that the Democrats have hailed as a milestone piece of legislation. He will then go to his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe Biden recently tested positive and was just cured of the virus on Sunday, August 7; nonetheless, he must continue to undergo the testing protocols because he is one of Jill Biden’s close contacts.

According to the White House, the President avoided physical contact with others.

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After completing his quarantine on August 7, the first day he was allowed to leave the White House since contracting the illness in July, the President intended to visit his wife at their Delaware home.

The length of his seclusion has been increased due to two positive tests. White House physician Dr. Kevin O’ Connor said that Mr. Biden was taking all necessary precautions and anxiously awaiting the results of the second set of tests.

Jill Biden – Twitter Account:

Following a period of solitude, President Joe Biden felt a sense of relief and perhaps a sense of greatness on his walk back to the White House. Vice President Biden mostly stayed at the White House throughout his quarantine, where he could keep in touch with Congress and the White House staff by phone. Since Biden was equally receptive to Zoom calls, he was not interrupted in his job.

A political group, including Vice President Kamala Haris and other Cabinet officials, attorneys, and White House workers, were infected with the virus in an earlier wave. The administration made good use of the crisis to reassure the public that the virus could not spread to those who received timely medical care and took appropriate preventative measures.

The effectiveness of Paxlovid in mitigating the virus’s worst symptoms was also demonstrated, boosting morale in the face of the epidemic.