Lady Gaga Joker 2- She Confirmed as Harley Quinn in Warner Bros’s Joker Sequel

Lady Gaga Joker 2 News: An incredible film about a psychotic, psychotic clown with no empathy who goes on a killing spree. With tremendous anticipation, fans all across the world await the release of the sequel.

Joaquin Phoenix won the 2020 Oscar for a best male actor for his portrayal of a controversial figure. Director Todd Philips has confirmed that the sequel will hit theatres on October 4, 2024, and fans around the world are counting down the days until then.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: Harley Quinn

The sequel will be called “Joker: Folie a Deux,” and the good news is that the most hypnotizing American singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga, will play Harley Quinn. Reports indicate that Lady Gaga’s pay will be $10 million. The budget for the film is rumored to be approximately $150 million.

Lady Gaga News

Lady Gaga Joker 2: Incredibly impressive production values and great performances have earned the Joker film a large audience. A stand-up comic’s downward fall toward mass murder is the focus of this narrative.

Arthur Fleck’s life was so wretched that he couldn’t even afford to get his mother the medication she needed. This film shows how individuals like Fleck are treated with such disdain that they have to undergo unspeakable horrors.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: Fleck, who has been ignored, ridiculed, and shunned by the rest of society, decides to get his revenge by setting out on an adventure he had never planned. Fleck has a transformation in his crazy. During this time, he is known as the Joker, a nefarious criminal genius.

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Unfortunately, fleck’s pistol ended up on the floor when he visited a children’s hospital dressed as a clown. This led to a reprimand for Fleck, and the ensuing resentment was palpable.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: On his hurried journey back, he came across a scenario in which three men were harassing a woman. His inadvertent humor had drawn the attention of three guys, and by the time the woman had escaped, they were already on their way after him. After being knocked to the ground, Arthur unexpectedly begins fighting back in self-defense.

Fleck, though, snaps and begins a barrage of gunfire at the two. Fleck ambushed him from behind and eliminated the left. This is when Fleck first became aware of the dark side of his character. Without worrying about the consequences, he embarked on a new path in life as a joker, where he became an unscrupulous merciless monster.

Lady Gaga Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga Joker 2: The elite looked down on the common folk as if they were fools. They were outcasts who had to put up with injustice and persecution. There was no room for even the slightest act of charity. Arthur Fleck turned into the cold and heartless clown.

As a result of society’s drift toward nihilism and anarchy, people lost sight of the kindness that had always been a part of them. The lives of the lower classes were rendered intolerable by the brazenness and strictness of society’s norms and restrictions.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: No one cared about or recognized the people of the lower classes whose lives had been set on fire. They had fallen low in their misery, so even a small gesture of goodwill was out of their reach. Joker represents those who are misunderstood or who are furious with the world.

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The inferior classes are reviled by society, and the enmity and disgust sent their way are puzzling. As a result of their exploits, the poor will be driven to the brink of despair and they will come to view themselves as expendable.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: Therefore, Fleck, stripped of his basic utilities and branded as a useless clown, a laughing stock, vows to exact revenge, and no one can stop him.


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The film was well received by critics despite its gritty depiction of the current situation. Violence and retaliation are not the answers to people’s frustrations with society.

Some people, however, will take a very different course of action if the level of hatred and disgust towards them rises. How the joker and Arthur Fleck can be at odds with one other on a psychological level is beyond me.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: Arthur’s carefree lifestyle and total acceptance of his lunacy demonstrate how deeply he was rooted in despair. Motivated by the killings, the residents of Gotham have taken to dressing as clowns, a visual representation of the intense urge for vengeance felt by the community.

Extreme problems, such as violent anarchy, emerge when society is divided along class lines. It would appear that Fleck lives a boring, mundane existence with no goals or ambitions of any kind. The state of being a clown. In an effort to carve out a niche for himself, Fleck is exhausting his resources.

Lady Gaga Joker

Lady Gaga Joker 2: However, as the plot progresses, the villainous underbelly of the character emerges. Despite his mental illness, poverty, lack of education, and lack of social acceptance, Arthur sets the framework for his transformation into Gotham City’s prince of crime. “The toughest part of having a mental condition is people want you to behave as if you don’t,” Arthur says.

Lady Gaga Joker 2: In this case, insanity appears to be the finest option for evading normalcy. It’s pointless to be irritated by the violent outbursts of the dejected, forgotten Arthurs. The film Joker, then, shows the harsh reality of a stereotyped society in which a large portion of the population lives in relative poverty and neglect.