Netflix’s Look Both Ways Release Date: Is Natalie Pregnant or Not?

Fans of Lili Reinhart will be pleased to know that she has a role in the upcoming Netflix film Look Both Ways. On August 17, 2022, Look Both Ways hit shelves.

Natalie, who is about to finish college, will be portrayed by Lili Reinhart. There are two possible futures for her character, an aspiring artist, depending on the outcome of an incident on the night of her graduation celebration.

Time of Look Both Ways’s Cinematic Launch and Teaser!

Wanuri Kahiu, enthusiastic about making a film adaptation of Look Both Ways since it was first announced, has been tapped to helm the film. The public is eager to watch her latest effort, the film because she has garnered accolades for her prior works.

The Look Both Ways Netflix launch date is discussed in further detail below. More information about the movie “Look Both Ways,” including its actors and narrative.

Name Look Both Ways
Genres Comedy
Cast Lili Reinhart
Luke Wilson
David Corenswet
Directed by Wanuri Kahiu
Written by April Prosser
Release Date August 17, 2022

What You Need To Know About Look Both Ways

The working title for Plus/Minus was much shorter than Look Both Ways. In 2021, we spoke with the film’s director about an untitled project that would eventually become Look Both Ways. On August 17, 2022, Netflix will release the film, and we can’t wait to see it because of the intriguing story. The film’s running time of 110 minutes looks about right; it won’t be either short or too lengthy.

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The film’s director, Wanuri Kahiu, is excited about the tale and thinks it will highlight how women, despite facing challenges, can adapt and make things work. The film depicts a woman’s perseverance through a variety of challenging roles.

Look Both Ways Release Date The movie is engaging and entertaining since it mixes elements of humor, romance, and drama. Screen Arcade, CatchLight Studio, and Grand Electric are all involved in the film’s production. For Look Both Ways, April Prosser will make her directorial writing debut.

Release Date of Look Both Ways!

On August 17, 2022, it was revealed that Look Both Ways will finally have its official release. The worldwide release of Look Both Ways on Netflix is a reality.

It’s a Good Idea to Cast in Both Directions

We already know that Lili Reinhart’s character in Look Both Ways is named Natalie and that she is a college senior. She became well-known because of her parts in the film Chemical Hearts and the television series Riverdale.

Look Both Ways Cast

In the film, Gabe, one of Lili Reinhart’s potential suitors, will be portrayed by Danny Ramirez. The film The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, directed by Danny, has brought him widespread renown. Below is the complete list of actors in Look Both Ways.

Lili Reinhart (protagonist) will be playing the role of Natalie.
Danny Ramirez will be playing the role of Gabe.
David Corenswet is famously known for “We Own This City.”
Luke Wilson is known for his role in “The Royal Tenenbaums.”
Nia Long is known for her role in “Big Momma’s House”
Andrea Savage, known for her role in “I’m Sorry”
Aisha Dae, who is famously known for her role in “The Bold Type”
Taylor Murphy, known for her part in “Everybody Wants Some”

Look Both Ways Before Posting On Social Media

The film’s star, who plays both leads, revealed on social media that production on Look Both Ways (then titled Plus/Minus) wrapped up in August 2021, and the buzz around the picture has only increased since then.

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After viewing the official trailer, viewers are curious about how Lili (Natalie) will play the role of a mother and how the film will illustrate two sides of her life as a result of one decision. Audiences look forward to seeing how the film portrays a woman’s challenges and how she ultimately thrives despite them.

What Should You Anticipate From a Double-Take?

The movie’s title alludes to the fact that we’ll experience “two sides” of the protagonist’s existence. Together, we’ll be watching in both directions to see how her life unfolds following the night of her graduation celebration when she learns whether she is pregnant or not and begins a brand new phase.

After watching the trailer for Look Both Ways, it’s reasonable to have high hopes for the entire film. The ensemble of Look Both Ways is strong, and its director has a track record of impressive films. This Netflix film is bound to be a success as a result of combining these two factors, as well as a lovely tale that focuses on women across several stages of life and how they cope with things in spite of their circumstances and hurdles.

As this is a character Lili Reinhart has not before played, it would be interesting to watch her in it. We predict that most viewers will enjoy this film and take away positive impressions from it.

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Season 1 Episode Guide for “Look Both Ways”

Due to the nature of the film format, there is currently no official episode guide for Look Both Ways. The running time of this Netflix film is known to be 1 hour and 50 minutes, which is a decent length that should leave viewers happy.

Trailer for “Look Both Ways”

Here’s where you can get the official trailer:

In the opening of the official Look Both Ways video, we hear Lily Reinhart interacting with the audience, asking whether they have ever pondered what life would be like if people followed every whim, every crazy notion, every want, etc.

She keeps asking herself, “what if..?” repeatedly. She poses the profound inquiry, “can a single instant transform your life?” and is then seen putting together pregnancy test kits. After that, the trailer skillfully illustrates the two possible results of the pregnancy test the main character takes.

The first result indicates that the test was negative, and the second indicates positive. On the one hand, she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her aspirations, where she hopes to study under her hero Lucy Galloway. While there, she meets and begins a loving involvement with a coworker.

Look Both Ways Netflix

However, her pregnancy compels her to travel to Austin, where her parents currently reside, to introduce them to the father of her unborn child. She now has a little family with the father of her child, but she wonders where her life has gone her because she hasn’t seen her friends or participated in the activities she formerly enjoyed for a very long time.

Both results are well presented, and we hear the protagonist state that your life is defined not by any one event but by the sum of all your experiences.