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Me Time Release Date – Has It Been Extended Or Cancelled? Update 2022!!

Me Time, an American comedy film directed by John Hamburg, is set for a summer 2016 release. On August 26, 2022, audiences may watch the finished film. While Sonny’s family is gone, he chooses to reconnect with an old buddy, Huck (Mark Wahlberg), and the two have a wild weekend together.

A stay-at-home dad finally gets some “Me Time” after years of caring for his family as they travel the world. Once his best buddy and now his worst enemy reunite for a crazy weekend that nearly kills him. Its principal stars are Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Regina Hall.

Me Time Release Date, Plot, Trailer, And Cast!

Me Time, a new Netflix comedy starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, marks their first professional collaboration. After a year in development, Netflix will release Me Time in August 2022. John Hamburg wrote and directed the comedic Me Time.

While Hamburg hasn’t taken the helm since 2016’s Why Him?, he and Kevin Hart did work together on the hilarious Night School. Hart, John Hamburg, and Bryan Smiley are listed as executive producers for the pilot. Hartbeat Productions, Kevin Hart’s company, is making the movie for the streaming service.

In February of 2021, Kevin Hart was added to the cast. In August, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall were added to the cast. In September of 2021, Jimmy O. Yang and Luis Gerardo Méndez were added to the cast. The shooting took place at Sunset Gower Studios.

A stagehand suffered a 30-foot fall on set on September 14 and was taken to the emergency room. The film’s release on Netflix is set for August 26, 2022.

Name Me Time
Language English
Genre Comedy
Cast Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Hart
Luis Gerardo Méndez
Directed by John Hamburg
Release date 26 August 2022

Me Time Release Date 

Me Time will premiere on Netflix this coming Friday, August 26. If you want to see the movie on its opening night, you’ll need a membership to the streaming service. On August 26, 2022, the movie will finally be available to the public.

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Me Time Plot   

The plot of this August release movie is chill and easygoing. The story centers on a stay-at-home dad who gets a dose of “Me Time” while his wife and kids leave on vacation.

Sonny is a dad and spouse who rarely has time to himself. But his wife has taken the kids and left him for the weekend. While his wife and kids are away, Sonny and his old friend, played by Mark Wahlberg, embark on a wild adventure they won’t soon forget. Sonny decides to pay his ex-best pal Huck a visit, and the ensuing wild weekend might wind up having a profound impact on his future.

According to Netflix’s story synopsis, the film Me Time follows a devoted stay-at-home parent who finally gets some “Me Time” after years of neglect by going on a wild birthday trip with his hard-partying old friend while his family is gone.

To elaborate, the film shows what happens when a married guy seeks assistance from the one person he knows who is free to party whenever he wants. Things go well beyond the upstanding father’s wildest imagination, which is a bad break for him.

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Where To Watch Me Time 

Netflix, the worldwide OTT streaming powerhouse, is known for regularly offering thrilling contests for its users, whether they are watching a web series or a movie. Entertainment enthusiasts all around the world love it because of this. The Netflix original film Me Time will soon be available for streaming.

John Hamberg, director of such comedies as “I Love You, Man” and “Along Came Polly,” wrote and directed the upcoming comedy picture Me Time. The shoot began in August of 2021 and wrapped up in October. On August 26, 2022, Me Time will premiere on Netflix, an over-the-top (OTT) media service.

Me Time Cast

Both Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg play pivotal roles in the film. They play long-lost friends Sonny and Huck who have just gotten back in touch. Being a witness to a close friendship is a delight and a thing of beauty.

The main characters in Me Time are played by the following actors:

Sonny is Kevin Hart.
As Huck, Mark Wahlberg
As Maya, Regina Hall
As Stan, Jimmy O. Yang
As Armando, Luis Gerardo Méndez


As was previously noted, Kevin Hart is the film’s main protagonist. This time around, Hart portrays a stay-at-home dad who needs to get away from the housework and the kids. Hart’s appearances as Jimmy in The Wedding Ringer, Darnell in getting Hard, Ben in Ride Along, and Calvin in Central Intelligence give him expertise in the comedy genre.

Hart is also an executive producer on the film through his company, Hartbeat Productions, alongside director Hamberg and Bryan Smiley.

Hart’s ex-best friend, played by Mark Wahlberg, helps Hart’s character have a good time in the film. For his roles as Victor in “Uncharted,” “Pete” in “Instant Family,” “Evan” in “Infinite,” and “Dignam” in “The Departed,” for which he received an Oscar nomination, Wahlberg has an extensive acting resume.

These stars will be joined in forthcoming films by newcomers including Yang (Space Force, Silicon Valley), Carlo Rota (A Perfect Plan, Titans), and Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy, Baby Daddy).

Social Media Talks About Me Time

Many people are looking forward to seeing the new comedy series Me Time. An excited viewer tweeted that they had seen the new teaser for the Netflix comedy series Me Time, which features Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.

Me Time premiered on Netflix on August 26th and was posted by another fan with a selfie. Another fan writes, “I adore this sort of movie and I can’t wait to watch this next month.” This seems like a great time and a lot of laughs to be had by everybody. Me Time will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 26, 2022. Considering how excited the fans are to watch it, we may extrapolate their anticipation to form our own opinion.

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What To Expect From Me Time?

The fresh episodes of one of the most watched series, keep on arriving. One of the main reasons for Me Time’s popularity is the intriguing tale, which has caused people to actively seek it out.

The film also boasts a fantastic cast of veteran comic performers who truly shine in their roles. In the film “Me Time,” Hart plays Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who finally gets some time away from his family.

While his wife and kids are away on spring break, Sonny gets back in touch with his old best buddy Huck. Sonny and Huck embark on several crazy (and even dangerous) activities that might end in disaster for Sonny.


The dedicated dad in the movie (which you can see down below) gets some time to himself when he can kick back and relax after a long day of taking care of his family. His “Me Time” is thrown into chaos when his longtime friend pressures him to participate in dangerous activities.

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