Tommy Lee- What consequences will his indecent behavior have in public? (2022)

Tommy Lee Bass, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the American heavy metal band Motley Crue, is one of the most brilliant and promising young musicians in the country. After years as the band’s drummer, he decided to go out on his own. It was on October 3, 1962, when Thomas Lee Bass entered the world.

Tommy Lee, at age 4, began to play the drums using a pair of drum sticks. Tommy Lee abandoned his academic pursuits in favor of a music career, which brought him widespread acclaim and success. To put it simply, he is who he is now because of his popularity and success.

Tommy Lee’s Naked Photo Causes Backlash Over How Social Media Is Censored In Two Different Ways

Tommy Lee Nude

The general population is outraged by his recent degrading Instagram post. Tommy Lee uploaded an X-rated frontal naked photo of himself, with the comment “oooops,” apparently when he was just lounging about in a restroom. In the end, the photo-sharing website, which is owned by Facebook, took it down before the musician could. It had already gone viral, with many people praising the message and clicking the “like” button before it was deleted. His current wife Brittany Furlan also chimed in under the article with her thoughts, opening the floodgates to even more absurd responses.

The nude photo is only a symbol of the broader problem of gender inequality that exists in the realm of social media. Notable people like Alex Nation, Nyome Nicholas, and others have voiced their opinions on the double standards of Instagram and similar sites.

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The women of that culture had to put up with a lot of abuse because they dared to publish anything “strange” and sought to challenge the conventions of that sexist society. A man’s naked photo on the internet has been widely accepted. However, the real world will not respect or value women the same way. Many women spoke up, highlighting the double standard that existed in the audience and the wider culture.

The morally reprehensible thing about today’s society is the way it constantly shifts its views on gender roles. Within a minute of a woman posting a photo that is even somewhat revealing, Instagram will erase the shot due to the platform’s rigorous nudity policy. However, when a man of Tommy Lee’s stature made a post, it quickly went viral before being taken down hours later.

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Instagram has a policy against showing a woman’s breasts or nipple, but if a man posts a photo of his penis, Instagram has no recourse.

This is another example of the hypocrisy of social media, and it is also unfair and biased. Nothing can be laughed off as a sexist remark. Not when women are still seen as “asking for it” if they wear anything exposing when they are still exposed to persecution and suppression in the workplace, when their so-called independence is really a polished façade, etc.

The social implications of women sharing images of their stunning appearance are enormous. Even if they are famous and influential, these people will still make fun of them and describe them as brazen women.

Women may be the target of society’s disapproval, but they are also strong and determined; they never stop trying to free themselves from the constraints society has placed on them and destroy the taboos that have been established about them. This double standard in the media is depressing because it encourages guys to do even more horrible acts of violence on social media.

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Tommy Lee is entitled to his privacy, whether it pertains to his person or his Instagram account. However, trying to upset the masses is not a viable option. Similarly, if males are free to express themselves online whatever they see fit, so too should women be.

This is why the issue of gender constantly demands resolution. Is there no end in sight to the pervasiveness of gender bias? When we finally achieve a society free of gender bias, we will be able to put a stop to these horrors, but until then, pigs will fly. Discrimination is endemic in all parts of society. It makes no difference how proud we are of the progress our country has made.

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When the photo was removed, it brought peace once again among his fans who had been discussing the scandalous post. However, there is inequality in this situation since the world would not have reacted the same way if a woman had put a photo of her genitalia online.

Even though no one dared insult Tommy Lee for his terrible article, women would be the beneficiaries of society’s eagerness to demean them, and the sexist comments they could have to endure would be intolerable.


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Therefore, women all around the world criticized Instagram’s double standard and promoted gender equality there. Women are treated with contempt and animosity whereas males are treated with compassion and charity.

This Instagram post is the best illustration of the discriminatory bias that exists in a world where men and women are valued more for their gender than their abilities.