Do Revenge- An Official Release Date for Series Is Here! (Update 2022)

The youthful, well-known performers in Do Revenge look to be an all-star team. do Revenge is scheduled for a 2022 September 16th release. The forthcoming Netflix original series “Do Revenge” will tackle the question, “What do I do now that someone has wronged me?”

Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) and Camila Mendes (Riverdale) star as the dark comedy’s leads and the scariest protagonists of all time: teenagers!

Do Revenge Release Date? When Will Do Revenge Release On NetFlix?

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who directed and wrote the Do Revenge film, was seeking her next project after completing her film in 2019.

Do Revenge Release Date

Since she enjoys John Hughes’s canon as well as such 90s favorites as 10 Things About You, Cruel Intentions, and Jawbreaker. After pitching the concept to her producer, Peter Cron, she and Cron brainstormed ways to give it a twist, and they settled on a Hitchcockian angle.

Does Do Revenge Tell About The Story Of Secret Friendship?

Two adolescent girls who would never have been friends otherwise band up to exact revenge on their high school bullies in this dark comedy.

Name Do Revenge
Language English
Genre Comedy
Directed By Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Produced By  Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Cast Maya Hawke
Camila Mendes
Paris Berelc
Austin Abrams
Rish Shah
Sophie Turner
Talia Ryder
Jonathan Daviss
Ava Capri
Maia Reficco
Alisha Boe
Written By Celeste Ballard
Official site Netflix Site
Release Date 16 September 2022


In an interview, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the film’s director, said, “There are different periods in the film where everyone seems a villain and everyone seems a hero.” And it is the essence of maturation. I set out to create something that would “capture the rainbow of the teenage experience.”

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Drea, played by Camilla Mendes, is out for revenge on her lover for releasing her sex tape. And you may see Maya Hawke in the part of Eleanor, a transfer student who became the target of teasing after it was said that she attempted to hold down and kiss another student.

She transfers to this school and discovers that her former tormentor attends the same high school she does. They’ve joined forces to plot their mutual revenge.

Do Revenge Release Date

The film will premiere on Netflix on September 16, 2022.

Even before the trailer was published, the film’s cast has been a talking point due to the presence of so many well-known faces from popular television programs including “Stranger Things,” “Riverdale,” “Euphoria,” and others.

Do Revenge News

It appears that director Robinson and co-writer Celeste Ballard have cast their film with a group of actors from all of the most popular adolescent shows now airing. But they didn’t cast anyone in particular for the main parts. In an interview, Robinson said that casting Camila as Drea was an easy decision.

After only 5 seconds of seeing her audition tape, I knew it was Drea and quickly contacted producer Peter Cron. The identical is true for Hawke. There was a zoom call between Robinson and her. Doing so at the time would have conflicted with her shooting Stranger Things Season 4.

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The Talk On Social Media About Do Revenge

Do Revenge’s release date announcement caused Netflix’s official website to explode. The cast and crew revealed several key moments and characters in a series of photos. Nearly 1.2 million people liked the post, and thousands more others left comments. People seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of seeing a bunch of young, well-known performers in the same film. We can all attest to the widespread interest in adolescent films.

Netflix also tweeted about the trailer, which has been seen over 552,000 times and has received over 3,000 retweets. Many commenters have expressed their enthusiasm for seeing Hawke and Mendes share the screen.

Do Revenge

What To Expect From Do Revenge?

In July of 2022, Robinson explained to ELLE how they had “backward-engineered” this tale of vengeance. They want to bring together the high school setting with the excitement and suspense of a Hitchcock film.

Netflix also unveiled the film’s official poster at the same time as the teaser. In stark contrast to the film’s grim subject matter, the poster has a pastel backdrop over which Maya, Camila, and the rest of the film’s star-studded ensemble may be seen.

It’s reasonable to say this movie has a good chance of becoming the best of the decade for the Generation Z audience.

The poster’s subtext, “I’ll do yours if you do mine,” suggests that the girls work together to deal with their bullies.

Do Revenge Trailer

This preview shows a surprising amount of vengeance for such a little time. Drea’s friends and lover are seen in the opening sequence, along with the narrated phrase, “I spent 17 years methodically crafting a perfect existence.” Afterward, Camila’s voice can be heard ranting at Austin, calling him “a false woke, sexist hypocrite,” as we see various pictures of Austin strolling around their high school hallways. The teaser gives a peek at a chopped-off piece of hair, a schoolyard brawl, and a paint skirmish, all of which may be connected to Eleanor’s makeover and her vengeance.

She tells Drea that she doesn’t simply want to get back with the person who spread the word about Eleanor; she wants to burn her to death.