Five Days At Memorial – Disaster Medical Drama Based on the Book of Sheri Fink!

The new medical drama Five Days at Memorial will air on Fox in the fall. It will be based on the 2005 hurricane tragedy in New Orleans and what transpired in the city’s Memorial Medical Center. The premiere of Five Days at Memorial is set for August 12, 2022.

Sheri Fink, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, wrote the book from which this series was adapted. The book is titled Five Days at Memorial. The effects of Hurricane Katrina on the city, including the destruction of Memorial Medical Center, are chronicled in the book.

Where to Find It and When It Comes Out in Five Days At Memorial!

All the hardships and difficulties faced by the medical team at Memorial Medical Center were documented in the film Five Days at Memorial. When Hurricane Katrina hit, thousands of patients were stranded in the New Orleans medical complex.

In the series, we see how the rising groundwater, the lack of supplies, and the loss of electricity at the hospital forced the exhausted caregivers to make difficult choices that continue to haunt them.

Name Five Days at Memorial
Genre Drama
Language English
Directed by John Ridley
Cast Vera Farmiga, Robert Pine, W. Earl Brown
Produced by ABC Signature
Scott Rudin Productions
Release Date August 12, 2022

The sitcom was created by Emmy winner Carlton Cuse and director John Ridley; Cuse and Ridley also serve as executive producers, while Wendey Stanzler, Ridley, and Cuse are credited as directors.

Is It True That They Spent Five Days at Memorial?

On August 12, 2022, you may purchase Five Days at Memorial. Therefore, we shall learn what transpired at Memorial Medical Center in a few days. The episode detailed the struggles faced by the Memorial Medical Center when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans.

Five Days At Memorial Release Date

The hospital is in complete disarray, with one accident happening across the facility. For five days, this disorder continues. Patients, workers, and visitors detained in the hospital for five days endured a lack of electricity. Moreover, caregivers had little to no control over the facility, making it difficult to provide adequate patient care.

The series shows the unthinkable measures the staff at the hospital had to take to ensure the patients’ lives. These were never easy judgments because they included choosing who would receive treatment, but they had no option.

The events of those five days are revealed in Five Days at Memorial. For those five days, 45 patients ultimately passed away.

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To Be Made Available in Five Days at Memorial!

With an anticipated start date of August 12, 2022, and 8 episodes, Five Days at Memorial is shaping up to be quite the event.

Furthermore, only the pilot, episode 2, and episode 3 will premiere on August 12, 2022; the remaining episodes will drop monthly.

The dates set for the show’s run are August 12, 2022, through September 16, 2022. It’s an original miniseries that will debut on Apple TV Plus worldwide.

Five Days At Memorial Review

Five Days at Memorial Cast

Five Days at Memorial cast include:

Dr. Anna Pou Vera Farmiga
Karen Wynn Adepero Oduye
Dr. Bryant King Cornelius Smith Jr.
Diane Robichaux Julie Ann Emery
Susan Mulderick Cherry Jones
Virginia Rider Molly Hager
Arthur” Butch” Schafer Michael Gaston
Michael Arvin Joe Carroll

Equally well-known for her roles in The Conjuring and Nothing but the truth, Vara Farmiga plays Dr. Anna Pou. She also received an Oscar nod for her performance in the comedy drama Up in the Air, for which she was nominated for best supporting actress.

Adepero Oduye, who plays Karen Wynn, is a multi-talented artist who can also sing, write, and direct. Her most prominent film roles were in Pariah, The Big Short, Widows, and 12 Years a Slave.

Cornelius Smith Jr., best known for playing Marcus Walker on the ABC drama series Scandal, will play Dr. Bryant King. He has appeared as Frankie Hubbard in the daytime drama All My Children. In addition to his Golden Globe nomination, Smith was shortlisted for a Daytime Emmy Award in the best younger actor category.

Five Days At Memorial News

Julie Ann Emery, best known for her portrayal as Sister Diane Robichaux on Preacher, plays the part. She has also guest starred on CSI: Miami, Hitch, Commander in Chief, Fargo, and Taken Line of Fire, among others.

Cherry Jones, who plays Susan Mulderick in the play, is also well-known for her performance in the heiress, for which she earned her first Tony Award for Best Actress.

Molly Hager plays Virginia Rider, known for her work in Botox Angels and It’s a Funny Story, and Mad City. In addition to acting, she also writes.

Michael Gaston, renowned for his roles as Quinn on Prison Break and Gray Anderson in Jericho, plays the character of Arthur “Butch” Schafer. In addition, he played Alexx Mahaffey in the pilot episode of The Sopranos.

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Joe Carroll plays Michael Arvin and has been in films like FBI, Bandstand: The Broadway Musical on Screen, and Romeo and Juliet.

Some of the actors spent five days filming the series at the monument.

What People Are Saying Online about Five Days At Memorial!

There was universal approval of the series’ trailer, and anticipation for the show was high. Everyone is impatiently anticipating it because they are curious about the outcome.

Five Days At Memorial Plot

What Should I Anticipate from Five Days At Memorial?

Drama, mayhem, and nail-biting choices await you in this gripping series. Caretakers’ quick thinking and unthinkable decisions helped save countless lives as Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in Five Days at Memorial. Because of the quick thinking of the medical staff, just 45 of the thousands of patients trapped within the hospital died.

The terrifying choices the caregivers were forced to make are a constant reminder of how many lives they were able to rescue.

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Episode Guide: Five Days At Memorial

The miniseries Five Days at the Memorial features eight installments. Still, we don’t know what each episode is called. The first three episodes will be released to the public on August 12, 2022, while the remaining five will run weekly. On September 16, 2022, the final episode of this series is scheduled for broadcast. The start of Five Days at Memorial is drawing near.

Trailers – Five Days At Memorial:

The official Five Days at Memorial teaser premiered on June 22, 2022. And on July 13, 2022, the miniseries’ official trailer, which features the whole cast, premiered. The video provides a glimpse into the tragedy that unfolded at New Orleans’ Memorial Medical Center. Everything went wrong; everyone who died and how the caregivers were pushed to their limits.