Seoul Vibe Movie- The Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer for film have arrived! (Update 2022)

Seoul Vibe Release Date News: It’s an action and adventure film set in Seoul, South Korea. The premiere of Seoul Vibe is scheduled for August 26, 2022. It was confirmed on April 27th, 2022, as part of Netflix’s summer 2022 release schedule. Our findings follow the extensive discussion of the film and are presented below.

When Will Seoul Vibe Release? Where To Watch It?

In collaboration with John Yoo, Kwon Oh-Hyun created the action-packed adventure film Seoul Vibe. Andmarq Productions was the film’s producer, while Moon Hyun-sung was the director. UAA and MCMC also collaborated in the film’s production. The Seoul Vibe premiere will be available on Netflix on August 26th, 2022.

Seoul Vibe Release Date

The amazing acting in this film has us certain that it will explode upon its Netflix release later this year.

Today, Korean dramas and films are among of Netflix’s most popular Originals. With this information in hand, it’s clear why Netflix spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the South Korean market. The Korean dramas scheduled to air on Netflix in 2022 are shaping up to be some of the best in the service’s history.

Name Seoul Vibe
Language Korean
Genres Action
Directed by Hyun-Sung Moon
Written by Sua Shin
Produced by Andmarq Productions
Cast Yoo Ah-in
Go Kyung Pyo
Moon So-ri
Kim Seong-gyoon
Distributor Netflix
Release date 26 August 2022


When it revealed its summer 2022 film roster, Netflix also confirmed the official release dates for a few new titles. Unfortunately, the release window for Seoul Vibe was limited to summer 2022.

Due to its graphic violence and strong language, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has given the film an “Appropriate for teens aged 15 and above” rating. The duration of Seoul Vibe is 138 minutes.

Seoul Vibe News

Seoul Vibe Release Date

Seoul Vibe, a brand-new South Korean criminal thriller available on Netflix, transports viewers to the 1988 Summer Olympics. The next Korean Netflix Original will become available worldwide on August 26, 2022.

The filming of the movie began in August of 2021 and wrapped up in the preceding year. Because of this, post-production has dragged on for quite some time. Costing less than $10 million, the movie’s low budget is notable.

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The film is scheduled for a 2022 release. Filming locations in South Korea included Incheon, Junggu, and Er Wang-dong.

Seoul Vibe Cast

It is a hallmark of Korean films and TV shows that viewers have a hard time figuring out what they’re seeing or who the hero is. For better or worse, Korean entertainment consistently thrills viewers beyond their wildest dreams.

A similar thing happened with ‘Seoul Vibe’s cast, as we know who they are but have no idea who the primary protagonist is.

Seoul Vibe Cast

Members of the Korean film’s cast are:

Social Media Talk About Seoul Vibe

If you’re like most people in India or the United States, you probably assume Korean dramas won’t become popular in your country since we don’t speak Korean. However, it is not the case because k-dramas are extremely popular all over the world. It’s estimated that millions of k-drama viewers don’t even know Korean but still watch the shows with English subtitles. As a result, Netflix has begun producing its own original Korean dramas and films.

After the announcement of the “Seoul Vibe”, k-dramas fans who are the suckers of action scenes, could not hold their excitement. You can see some of the fan reactions to the still adorable Seoul Vibe in the tweets below.


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Gentleman Ong Seong Wu, born with an outgoing personality, is thrilled to showcase it at Seoul Vibe.

Juhyun debuted in the performing world alongside many other famous actors on Netflix. Just who is mimicking her approach?” Who else is handling this the same way she is? Ready to meet the A-team!

Sang gye dong Supreme team, thank you for gifting my eyes with such lovely visuals and dazzling colors in the upgraded Still cuts, said an appreciative viewer.

The film Seoul Vibe, depicting an unbelievable experience in Seoul, will have its world debut on August 26, 2022, and it will be jam-packed with heart-pounding action sequences. All of the photos were breathtaking, and “Seoul Vibe” is guaranteed to be the highlight of our summer.

What To Expect From Seoul Vibe

With the South Korean capital preparing to host the 1988 Olympic Games, the plot of Moon Hyun-complex sung’s heist-action film Seoul Vibe revolves around a gang of automobile enthusiasts who team together to dismantle a crime organization.

Seoul Vibe Netflix

In the last week before the Summer Olympics, the Sanggye-dong Supreme Squad, a crew of technicians and drivers, uncovers some dubious conduct involving a Premium slush fund. The truth behind a large-scale money-laundering plan is uncovered by Yoo Ah-in (a master driver with remarkable drifting ability), Koh Kyung-Pyo (a club musician), Lee Kyu Hyung (a human gps), Park Ju-Hyun (a proficient bike rider), and Ong Seong-wu (a repairman named Joon-gi).

Additionally, Netflix has developed its own summary, which is displayed before you begin viewing movies on Netflix. In summary, as the 1988 Summer Olympics approached Seoul, excitement is building.

There’s vintage fashion and music, and the racing is top-notch. After being offered a deal they can’t refuse, the drivers of the Sanggye-dong Ultimate Team find themselves engaged in an investigation into a slush fund used by high-profile individuals.

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Episode Guide

Producing a prequel or sequel to an existing film or TV series in Korea is quite unusual. Since Seoul Vibe is the first and only segment of the film, we have decided not to provide viewers with an Episode guide.

The movie Seoul Vibe, which has a runtime of exactly 2 hours and 18 minutes when it is published on Netflix, is coming out soon.

Seoul Vibe Trailer

A teaser trailer for Seoul Vibe has been released, following the trend of other recent Korean films. What we saw was the film’s ensemble cast posing with loads of cash, firearms, and fast cars. We know little about the cast beyond the fact that the best auto racer is included and that they have a delivery job during the peak of Olympic preparation. Since the payment is so large for a single delivery, we can only assume that the delivery is unlawful.