Jamie Foxx’s Donald Trump Uncanny Impression on Internet

On Twitter, many people are raving over Jamie Foxx portrayal of former president Donald Trump, calling it the greatest they’ve seen so far.

Celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Dana Carvey, and James Austin Johnson used their considerable talents to imitate the former president, and their Trump impersonation became a staple of television and social media during his term and beyond.

This week, though, a video emerged of actor and comedian Jamie Foxx doing a chillingly accurate impression of the former Apprentice star, and the internet has begun to agree that Foxx may be the finest Trump mimic of them all.

Foxx let loose the imitation while promoting their new Netflix film Day Shift with rapper Snoop Dogg on The Rap Radar Podcast.

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Pic Credit – AllHipHop

Foxx not only does a spot-on imitation of Trump in the 56-second clip but also makes fun of Trump’s infamous statement to reporters after the 2017 violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, that “very fine people” were on “both sides.”

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Foxx also mocks Trump’s answer to a question about his favorite Bible scripture during an interview with Bloomberg in 2015. And he seemed to poke fun at Trump’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Foxx’s retort made everyone, including Snoop Dogg, Elliott Wilson, and Brian “B.Dot” Miller, laugh. A video of the imitation was released by Wilson to Twitter, and an identical clip was also provided by DailyLoud.

By the time this was written, the two videos had been seen 3.7 million times combined, with fans raving about what they deemed to be the finest Trump impression ever.

When asked about it, Chase Schleich remarked, “truly the finest Trump impersonation I’ve ever heard,” while Senjutsusage said, “If I didn’t notice it was Jamie Foxx I would have assumed it was really Trump.”

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Even Jim Weber put it, “If there was no video, I’d be 100% persuaded it was Trump’s genuine voice,” and as hybridmink admitted, “did not anticipate this to be that great.”

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Pic Credit – Newsweek

AuthenticBred responded to Louis Bernard’s “This is eerie” with, “The Trump era in 1 minute…amazing.” In the same thread, Sandra Bowman commented, “Almost thought Trump was in the room,” while Pkasinger2 suggested that “Jamie Foxx could play the Trump part on SNL.”

Incredibly, IAmHarmony said. “It’s the finest Trump imitation ever, and he does it with such ease. I can’t believe how talented he is.”

Foxx is a multi-talented entertainer who can sing, act, and impersonate a wide range of famous people, including Mike Tyson, Stevie Wonder, and Jay-Z. However, many viewers felt this was the finest one yet.

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Pic Credit – CineAvatar

Wilson has been contacted by Newsweek for a response.

You can now stream Day Shift on Netflix.