Kevin Hart And Mark Wahlberg’s Comedy Movie “Me Time” is a Pure Disaster!

Me Time Review: If you’re in a generous mood, you might argue that there’s always a place in the world of streaming and our minds for the low-risk gamble of stupid humor. As a rule, you could say that.

Me Time stars Kevin Hart as a stressed-out father who, against his better judgment, decides to go on a wild birthday adventure with his oldest friend, an irresponsible bachelor played by Mark Wahlberg. However, to make it through the film, you need to be willing to lose an hour and forty minutes of your life.

Taking in a mindless comedy is a great way to relax and forget about our problems for a bit. With so many entertainment alternatives at our fingertips, we can afford to be a bit pickier about how low we’re ready to descend; Me Time places the floor around our ankles.

John Hamburg (Along Came Polly, I Love You, Man) has written and directed a comedy that explores the common problem of male insecurity. Hart portrays Sherman Oaks resident Sonny Fisher, a doting father to his two elementary school-aged children, while his architect wife Maya (Regina Hall) pulls in the dough.

Me Time Cast There seems to be a lot of potential for success. Still, Sonny is worried about Maya’s largest customer, toothbrush czar Armando (Luis Gerardo Méndez), who wants to use his fortune to fund a tortoise habitat. Maya and Armando get along well; Sonny feels ignored and unimportant. Sonny declines an invitation to Wahlberg’s Huck Dembo’s 44th birthday party, although Huck Dembo is a wonderfully great character name.

He has settled down with a family and no longer wants to engage in their former antics, such as hurling themselves from mountaintops while dressed as flying squirrels. This is the type of accidental-he-man goofball thing Hart is incredibly excellent at, and it’s on display in an early flashback sequence in which Sonny, against his better judgment, goes soaring into a great cavern of fresh mountain air shrieking, “Yaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” This is a tried and true routine, yet he manages to make it hilarious.

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Bad Performance by Kevin Hart?

A shift in circumstances may force Sonny to reconsider his decision to discontinue his friendship with Huck. When Maya offers to take the kids on a trip to her parent’s home, Sonny finds himself on the party bus Huck has decorated for his big blowout, complete with a grin-faced picture of Huck and the words “Let’s Get Hucked Up” written across the top. Huck is throwing a little desert festival in the vein of Burning Man.

Huck isn’t ready to settle down, so he hangs out with a group of much younger people who like to party in cargo shorts and bikini tops. (He explains to Sonny that he plans to remain unmarried until he’s in his forties, at which point he’ll find a successful lady with whom he’ll have twins—what he calls “the Clooney Plan”).

Me Time 2022

Sonny is uncomfortable here, as anybody would be, but he’s trying to be a good sport. In the process, he manages to anger a mother mountain lion, and she follows him along a rocky path through the brush. “A lion is sitting on my behind!” Sonny’s yelling as he runs is a unique take on the standard Hart routine.

You can anticipate that things only get weirder from here on out. When Sonny and Huck escape into Armando’s property, they almost immediately change their minds about freeing one of Armando’s favorite tortoises and instead decide to cause havoc inside Armando’s home.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Comedy was not that Great.

Examples include dumping Armando’s spices into the trash, taking just the left shoe from each pair in the closet, and Sonny faithfully leaving little feces on the bed. Just that? When Huck sees the results of Sonny’s hard work, he makes this remark. A hotel mint, in other words.

That’s a good one; I had to chuckle. Happiness may be found in the smallest of things. But Wahlberg, who has a checkered background that includes an assault and being accused of making racial insults, has recognized in recent years that he has made errors and will have to work more than this to win forgiveness.

Me Time News

Even though it may make some people feel better to criticize his acting, Wahlberg has been quite good in both dramatic and comedic roles (The Other Guys, Boogie Nights), though viewers and actors are both fallible human beings, so no one can be blamed for not being overly enthusiastic about watching Wahlberg right this second.

That puts most of the onus on Hart, who is more than capable of carrying the show by himself. Yet, there is a limit to how much idiocy most of us can stomach, even in a comedy. If you don’t have much downtime already, you may want to evaluate your tolerance level before beginning Me Time.