Dove Cameron News – Won Best New Artist Award at VMAs 2022!

In Cameron’s politically charged video, he reimagines the patriarchy as a spectral remark on today’s society.

A clean white button-down, orange juice with white bread, and the daily paper are all essential components of my morning routine.

These are not the opening credits of a classic 1950s comedy; instead, they introduce Dove Cameron‘s brand-new music video for the song “Breakfast.”

The disturbing film flips the patriarchy on its head by depicting Cameron in the role of a powerful CEO. At the same time, her husband takes on the traditional female domestic responsibilities of cooking and cleaning.

Cameron explains why he decided not to make a music video after the recent SCOTUS verdict: “I was feeling disillusioned watching the recent SCOTUS ruling, and I couldn’t get my brain around filming a music video at a time when I felt so forlorn.”

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My goal in making this movie is to draw attention to the problematic gender norms that permeate our cultural criticism.”

In the role of the narcissistic protagonist, Cameron finds her way through a disturbing environment to the tune of her catchy original compositions.

Dove Cameron News
Pic Credit – Stereogum

The film is a potent and, at times, painful reminder of the current situation of women’s rights and reproductive freedoms in America, with recent news of the Supreme Court overturning Roe superimposed on top.

Cameron notes, “it was crucial to illustrate how embedded these roles are in our neurological system, and I want the viewer to recognize how weird it is to witness the roles be reversed.”

“This film reframes these well-known incidents in the hopes that it would sway voters to support” a future in which we leave gender discrimination as a thing of the past and cease dragging the past into the present.”