Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Shared His Thoughts on “The Amazing Race”!

Head coach John Harbaugh enjoys watching “The Amazing Race” with his family. Ingrid and Alison are also big fans.

Rex Ryan, who worked as Harbaugh’s defensive coordinator for the 2008 season before departing to lead the New York Jets, will be a contestant in the next season of the program, and Harbaugh can’t wait to watch how Ryan does.

A $1,000,000 prize is at stake in this global competition. During his coaching career, Ryan had a reputation for being a free spirit who favored blitzing.

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Harbaugh chuckled, “I believe he’ll get lost straight out of the gates.” “At this point, it is up to his companion and whether or not Rex is willing to listen. There’s no fast way to leave the terminal.”

Chad Steele, senior vice president of communications, made a joke about the matter being off the record.

Harbaugh, his smile unabated, reassured the crowd that everything was OK. That’s OK with me, whatever it is.