Top Gun: Maverick – Kenny Loggins Loves to Perform “Danger Zone” At Oscars!

Kenny Loggins, a Grammy winner, and composer, provided the unforgettable soundtrack for such timeless films as Footloose, Over The Top, and Top Gun. Top Gun: Maverick, which Loggins describes as “mammoth,” recently included his song “Danger Zone” from the latter film.

Loggins recently spoke with about his successful song, in which he said Tina Turner was an influence.

When I first heard the song, I did have some reservations about it, and I sat with Tom [Whitlock], the co-writer with Giorgio [Moroder]. I added some cord substitutions and changes in the bridge because it was the same thing repeatedly, Loggins revealed, discussing his initial thoughts on the song.

I was trying to shake things up and make them more interesting, and when I was done, I found that I immensely enjoyed the results. And it allowed me to express myself in a way I hadn’t before.

I wish my work had been more kind. As for the most rocking thing I’d done, I’d have to say it was in Footloose. At that point, I began to appreciate the component of the thing I was using.

He said, “I was very into Tina Turner’s Private Dancer record when I received a call from Giorgio, and then I went into a studio. So, I tried to mimic her intonation and pronunciation.

After that, he delivered an exaggerated version of his singing the “danger zone” lyrics. And it was the R&B version of rock and roll that she grew up listening to.

With a wry aside, he said, “So I simply took it and took it another place, being a skinny white person.”

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Loggins joked, “Well, I think you’re right, and I think they owe me more money,” when asked about the possibility that “Danger Zonelegacy” had contributed to Top Gun’s longevity, keeping it in the cultural spotlight all these years and possibly paving the way for the franchise resurgence in Top Gun: Maverick.

He commented, “That’s a nice concept, honestly,” about the possibility of the song appearing in the popular FX cartoon series Archer.

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While the music brings back those emotions, the utilization of, for example, Archer and the song “Danger Zone” in that show is what sets it apart.

It conveys the notion that you’re in the ‘Danger Zone,’ and the way he utilized it, and since it was an action premise in the cartoon,” Loggins said. The link was clear to me. Yeah.

Maybe it doesn’t increase Top Gun: Maverick’s box office take, but it brings back fond memories. Loggins has now published a new biography titled Still Alright, discussing his musical career in more detail.

Top Gun: Maverick has just been released in cinemas and is now available to stream, download, and own from significant service providers.