“Claim To Fame” Star Lark Skov: Details About Cindy Crawford’s Niece!

On the show “Claim To Fame,” a new clue revealed a famous ancestor of Lark Skov. Learn more about Cindy Crawford’s niece as she moves further in the contest.

After seeing Lark on Claim To Fame, the puzzle pieces began to fit together. On the show airing on August 29, she disclosed her famous family. Lark, whose name is Lark Skov, verified the identity of her famous relative as a rival athlete.

In this family, being successful is in the blood. Lark Skov takes after her successful aunt and uncle. What follows is a complete guide to Lark.

1. Lark is Cindy Crawford’s niece.

Lark’s famous aunt was revealed to be her aunt at the start of the tournament. She made light of the fact that her aunt was a supermodel in the ’80s. After a new challenge was introduced on August 29’s program, Lark Skov’s famous relative was disclosed to the viewing public.


Loreal Palmer informed Lark that George Clooney from a tequila ad was her challenge clue. In an instant, Lark was worried that word would go around the house that she was the niece of Rande Gerber, George’s Casamigos Tequila partner and Cindy’s husband.

2. Lark is still in the competition.

However, Lark Skov’s fears of having her true identity revealed were unfounded, as she did not end up in the bottom two after the August 29 show. As a result, Louise and Logan are now the two worst performers.

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It was a reasonable assumption by Logan that Louise had a famous cousin. Simone Biles’s sister Louise (actual name Adria Biles) is a gymnast. Lark Skov made it through another week of the tournament, but the pressure is just increasing.

3. Lark Skov was a rower in college.

The University of Washington women’s rowing team included Lark. She worked for the company between the years 2017 and 2021. At the 2019 World Rowing Under 23 Championships, Lark Skov was a member of the U.S. women’s eight that won bronze.

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4. Lark Skov graduated from college.

Lark studied linguistics as his undergraduate concentration at the University of Washington. In the year 2020, she received her degree from college.

5. Kaia Gerber follows Lark on Instagram.

@sharkthelark, Lark Skov’s Instagram account, is now protected with a password. Lark is being followed, though, by Kaia Gerber. After all, Lark is a relative of Kaia’s.