‘Drive with Dolly’ Supports the Imagination Library Encourages Tennesseans?

Tennesee’s Sevier County (WKRN) By buying a “Drive with Dolly” license plate, Tennesseans may show their support for Dolly Parton and the work of her Imagination Library.

Because the state of Tennessee will mandate that all vehicles acquire new plates starting in January 2022, The Dollywood Foundation reminds motorists of Dolly Parton’s Tennessee license plates.

Dolly is donating the proceeds from plate sales, which amount to more than $15 per plate, to Imagination Library initiatives in Tennessee, her home state. One year of participation in the program for one kid is entirely funded by selling one plate.

I’m thrilled that purchasing my personalized Tennessee license plate generates new memberships for the Imagination Library, Parton said. Please renew your license plates and help me promote a love of reading!

Drive with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which began in 1995, provides free books to children from birth to age five who join. It began as a state-level initiative and has since expanded internationally, with affiliates in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland.

Drive with Dolly!

Each county’s local program partners will get a share of the proceeds from selling their respective license plates. According to The Dollywood Foundation, selling specialty license plates will go a long way toward encouraging young people to develop a love of reading and acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in school and life.

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With the help of the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, the program in Tennessee can provide books to kids in all 95 counties at cost.

James Pond, President of the Good Earth Literacy Foundation (GELF), expressed his organization’s gratitude for the chance to spread the word about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library throughout Tennessee.

It’s been said that this license plate “will help county affiliates in fundraising their part of the cost of books to guarantee that every Tennessee kid can get this fantastic program.”

Drive with Dolly News

Dolly Parton license plates may be purchased at any county clerk’s office in the state for an extra $35.

The Imagination Library’s local partners will get more than $15 per meal from the total cost. The remainder supports the Tennessee Arts Commission and the price of making new license plates in the state.

To demonstrate their support and pay for one child’s membership to the Imagination Library, Tennessee drivers may purchase the Dolly Parton Tennessee license plate.