The Voice Coaches Roasted Each Other 9 Times, Must See!

The Voice coaches are well-versed in the art of provoking one another.

Without the lively discussion from the rotating cast of music business big hitters, the competition would feel quite different.

Even if every bit of ribbing amongst coaches is meant in good humor, the fact that it still makes for great comedy. In this flashback, we remember when the Coaches turned up the heat.

1. Trainers’ Constant bickering between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

For the record, Adam Levine and Shelton’s prankster bromance in the first few seasons of The Voice is one of the show’s most memorable friendships. Shelton and Levine never knew when to back down from an argument; they fought over artists during the Blind Auditions and went at each other’s throats jokingly as the Finals drew near.

Despite Even though they clearly couldn’t tolerate one other most of the time, it was cute to see them go at it.

2. Coach John Legend penned The Voice victory jingle, but his fellow Coaches didn’t Have It

Although Season 20 of The Voice included heated panel debates, the audience will never forget Legend’s “Welcome to Team Legend” victory song. Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton all got tired of listening to the “All Of Me” singer’s tune, but that was really because it was so infectious.

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Despite his earlier dismissal of the tune as “dumb,” Shelton could be seen singing along to it while sitting in the red chair.

3. Shelton called out Coach Kelly Clarkson during Season 21’s Blind Auditions

After the first note of country singer Lana Scott‘s Season 21 Blind Auditions performance, she was an instant fan favorite among the coaches. Shelton and Clarkson were trying to persuade Scott to make the “correct” decision, so it wasn’t long before their conversation heated up.

4. Clarkson bursts out laughing while Shelton shot promos for Season 20

Clarkson and Shelton joked with others in the Season 20 behind-the-scenes video of The Voice when Shelton’s rural accent came out in full force while saying, “Hello, Taiwan.” Immediately, Clarkson started laughing, prompting the rest of the Coaching cast and audience to join in. “I just don’t see the humor in it!” Shelton said, “Hey, Canadia!” and continued.

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5. Legend roasted Shelton for his Voice winning streak

It was common knowledge that the coaches from Season 20 argued like siblings behind the scenes, with Legend and Shelton particularly keen to pick a fight.

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According to a blog, Legend read, Shelton is the most successful coach on The Voice. Rather than asking, “You read it?” You read my work?” Shelton inquired. Then, with a touch of comedic timing, Legend said, “It did say, ‘Written by B.S.'”

6. Shelton and Clarkson, at it again

During one of Season 21’s Blind Auditions, the very gifted vocalist BrittanyBree stunned the panel of judges. Regular viewers of The Voice know that a 4-chair turn always sparks a competitive spirit among the coaches.

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With Bree’s performance nearing its conclusion, Shelton began targeting Clarkson with some caustic comments to take the upper hand.

7. Coach Gwen Stefani and Shelton bickered as rival Coaches — and a couple – in Season 19

They sat in the red chairs for Season 19 of The Voice as competitive Coaches and love partners before Shelton and Stefani tied the knot and became the show’s most recognized power couple.

Despite their closeness, Shelton and Stefani were unafraid to express their opinions about each other, mainly regarding the outcome of the competition.

“Why are you acting so weird?” Stefani responded to Shelton’s shout, “You’re so foolish!” Fans of The Voice are excited to see what she and Blake will get into this season due to their lovable, sweet competition and fun mocking each other.

8. Shelton shut down Clarkson for trying to seize Country Artists

Clarkson tried to steal some of the country artists away from Shelton in Season 15, but she was unsuccessful.

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In termRegardingcountry singers, “Kelly is probably my major rival,” Shelton said. Do you know what I mean? She believes she is, but she’s not.

Even Adam Levine had to jump in and provide advice on how to handle Shelton.

Don’t be sucked by his crap,” the Maroon 5 singer warned. “He’s about to hurl some poison in your direction. Watch him do it in front of me. Put your eyes away from him!”

9. Camila Cabello is already coming for Shelton in Season 22

A new teaser for Season 22 of The Voice hints that new judge Camila Cabello isn’t hesitant to poke fun at seasoned judge Blake Shelton’s grammatical gaffes. The following season of The Voice promises to be hilariously competitive, thanks to Coach Camila’s presence.

Season 22 of The Voice debuts on NBC and Peacock on Monday, September 19 at 8/7c.