Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Kayla and Marlena Latest Kidnapping Fails Again!

Kayla and Marlena News: Alex informs Allie and Chanel he’s found “the one” in the Square; her name is Stephanie Johnson. As Allie points out, the person is her cousin. A kind word from Allie would be much appreciated, and Alex hopes she can provide it.

They are laughing as he describes her rejection. Yet, he is confident that she will come to see that they are a perfect match. No means no, Allie tells him, and he remembers. Alex promises Stephanie he won’t force her to do anything.

He’s been looking for a lady like her his whole life. It’s unlikely that he’ll mess things up by trying too hard. They joke that he’s about to blow it as he walks away completely.

Stephanie informs Sonny that she can’t work for him at Titan since Alex is constantly hitting on her. Sonny assures us this won’t occur since his brother has a limited attention span regarding women. They joke about how Adrienne might react to hearing that Sonny had found Alex with Sloan.

Days of Our Lives As a result, he is eager to team up with Stephanie. Simply put, they have a shared love for their friends and family. As Alex comes to Stephanie’s house with flowers, she gladly accepts the position. Away she goes.

To prevent Alex from chasing after Stephanie, Sonny bars the door. Sonny’s prophecy, Alex says, has come true. Stephanie is the one he calls “the one.” Sonny knocks his brother’s head against the door and points out that Titan has a zero-tolerance attitude regarding dating.

He is unable even to take her to a coffee shop. Alex says he’s done and will go. Sonny responds that even if Stephanie did feel the same way about him, he still wouldn’t have her.

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Sonny, Alex’s older sibling and employer instruct him to take Stephanie’s preferences into account. Alex guarantees that she’ll warm up to him eventually.

Marlena and Kayla are conscious when they wake up in a warehouse with their hands and feet bound to chairs. Marlena realizes that even though Kayla is screaming for assistance, no one can hear her since Orpheus has blocked off the sound.

Kayla and Marlena Kidnap:

Marlena knows that John and Steve will return for them but that they need to be self-sufficient until then. Marlena remembers hearing church bells while Kayla details each automobile’s turn.

They figure out that they must be near some pier. The ladies refuse to wait to be rescued, so they rearrange their seats to be back-to-back and attempt to undo their shackles.

Kate, Roman, Abe, and Paulina celebrate Roman’s birthday and Abe’s campaign for governor at the Pub. Abe hands to the four of t a glass helm, wishing them a happy new year.

Orpheus walks in and comments, “It seems that I have arrived at the party at just the right moment; Abe and Roman give him the b to get him out of the houseboat. To their satisfaction, he complies, albeit not before adding, somewhat cryptically, that he expects to see them again.

When Orpheus leaves, the party resumes with the original four participants. Once Abe becomes president, he promises that dangerous criminals like Orpheus will remain behind bars.

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Paulina responds to Kate’s cake suggestion by saying Sweet Bits can handle it. Kate grabs it, and Abe realizes that Roman is suddenly not in the celebratory mood.

On the Square, Kate begs Allie and Chanel to bake her a cake. To put it bluntly, Allie claims they sold all of them. Chanel enters the building in search of an item she needs. Kate tells Allie that Roman forgives her when they are alone. She anticipates that Allie will respond similarly.

Allie changes her mind after learning that Kate admitted to being an accessory after the fact in Sami’s abduction.

Kayla and Marlena Days of Our Lives

Kate sobs, “I’ll regret this for the rest of my life,” as she admits her actions. Allie hugs her and says she may visit Henry. Allie takes a few paces back to see what Chanel takes so long to do.

Steve and John arrange to meet at the park. Neither of the men knew what had happened to Orpheus or their wives.

Steve feels responsible for falling for Orpheus’s trick. John reassures his friend that he is not to blame and that the spouses have enough defenses.

John receives a call from Abe just as Steve looks for a clue at his apartment. John rushes over after hearing Orpheus ruined Roman’s birthday party.

Orpheus returns to Marlena and Kayla at the exact moment,, and they manage to escape.

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While he eats a hamburger and mocks them, he ties them to chairs. Interested in his plans for them, Marlena inquires as to his intentions. He said all inquiries would be responded to in good time.

The celebration, he assures them, is only getting started, and he exits. They push their seats together once again in an attempt to free themselves from their restraints.

Kayla and Marlena News:

When Stephanie gets home, she inquires Steve about Kayla. He tells a fib about Marlena and Kayla being away at a health care convention.

So sorry about last night, Stephanie. She understands that he wants to ensure their safety. The woman said he does a fantastic job. Steve nervously looks at a picture of Kayla as they embrace.

Kayla and Marlena News

John enters the Pub and is briefed on Orpheus’s appearance. Roman receives a call from Kate’s phone just as they begin to worry about what’s keeping her so long. Whoever has Kayla, Marlena, and Kate chained and gagged in the warehouse is Orpheus.

The next time on Days of Our Lives, EJ plans to get rid of Ava, and Gabi overhears Li’s mysterious phone conversation.

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