After the Warner Agreement Expires, Legendary Entertainment May Explore other Studio Options.

After its contract with Warner Bros. expired, Legendary Entertainment reportedly is considering abandoning its on-again, off-again home there.

Sony is reportedly in the lead, although Paramount is also a contender. The Legendary Pictures production company, formerly of Warner Bros. and Universal, is negotiating a new arrangement with Warner Bros.

Both Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. representatives opted not to comment.

Legendary Entertainment
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When Jason Kilar and his team attempted to release Dune in cinemas and on HBO Max, they ran into some trouble with Warners. Unfortunately, Kilar was let go, and production has moved on to Dune 2, which is presently being filmed in Jordan. Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Dune, both from Legendary Pictures, were the greatest global box office receipts of all films released under the WarnerMedia and HBO Max day-and-date experiment in 2016. They earned $386.6 million and $401.8 million, respectively.

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David Zaslav, the company’s CEO, has made a public declaration of love for the stage. However, he has been canceling projects and terminating partnerships with prominent producers like J.J. Abrams, so it seems reasonable that he would seek advice from others before renegotiating his Warner contract.


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At Warner Bros., you can also watch Christmas Story Christmas on HBO Max or watch the Godzilla vs. Kong movie series.

A five-year contract with Universal was signed by Legendary in 2014. With the 2018 transfer of Detective Pikachu from Legendary to Warner Bros., it was clear that Legendary’s partnership with Uni as a finance producer was coming to an end. Warner Bros. and Legendary have a non-exclusive deal wherein they will co-finance and distribute six films, one of which being Detective Pikachu, which has made $433.2 million at the box office.

The Ankler was the first publication to report on Legendary’s comments.