Trailer for Weird The Al Yankovic Story has here, and why is Daniel Radcliffe looking so ripped in it?

Seeing as how the first trailer for the Weird The Al Yankovic Story has just been released, I feel compelled to utilize the few remaining seconds of your time to discuss how gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe looks in it. A movie buff I may be, but a hole first and foremost. The significance of this information to me is high.

I had no idea what to anticipate from the Weird The Al Yankovic Story trailer. We’ve known about this movie for months and that Radcliffe would be wearing a very repulsive wig for the whole of the film, but that was about all we knew.

Daniel Radcliffe is weird the al yankovic story
Pic Credit – Mic

The film was revealed to be a somewhat parodic take on Al Yankovic’s life, with certain details changed for comic effect. Obviously, certain liberties had to be used in order to construct a movie about the life of a mock legend.

As the evil influence of Madonna pokes fun at him, the trailer depicts Al Yankovic struggling with drugs and alcohol. This, however, did not happen in real life (Evan Rachel Wood). It features Quinta Brunson as Oprah Winfrey and the actual “Weird Al” Yankovic as a record label boss.

It’s essentially a comedy, and I’m totally down with that.

Weird The Al Yankovic Story Trailer:

And I’m not just here for Daniel Radcliffe’s insanely chiseled abs and v-line. I hate to sound like a sassy main street hoop, but I’ve gone completely ferocious.

Radcliffe did not need to look ripped for this job, which is perhaps why I love his appearance so much. The name “Weird Al” Saunders must be mentioned. He seldom takes off his shirt and lacks any potentially eye-gouging cum gutters.


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Seeing Radcliffe there with an absurd wig and exposed shirt makes me feel ambivalent. I feel like a misbehaving cat and can’t decide whether to laugh or shower myself with water.

My impression is that portraying Radcliffe as a horny version of “Weird Al” just adds to the film’s sense of exaggeration. If my life were turned into a movie, I’d want a hot actor to portray me.

Daniel Radcliffe Stars in Weird Al Yankovic Biopic Trailer
Pic Credit – Vulture

Curiously, there doesn’t seem to be a simple method for Australians to watch The Al Yankovic Story on its September 8 release date, since it is a Roku Original film and will only be available in the United States. However, we’ll keep you updated, since I want all the ladies to recognize Radcliffe’s efforts in this job.