Mike E Winfield, AGT’s Stand-Up Comedian Is Attending the Live Shows.

Mike E Winfield News: Despite the abundance of talented singers and dancers auditioning for America’s Got Talent Season 17, the comedy category was nonetheless accepted. We are not at all clueless as to why Mike E Winfield is one of the six comics that advanced to the live events.

Simon Cowell Says Mike E Winfield Has a Real Star Quality

Mike E Winfield
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Mike E. Winfield’s 2-minute audition demonstrated the 15 years of experience he has spent perfecting the craft of stand-up comedy. He got away from the chaos of life in Baltimore by moving to California to pursue stand-up comedy. Present-day Mike is a stand-up comedian who will soon be lighting up the AGT stage once more in the live performances.

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Mike’s humor easily won over audiences during his audition, where he drew gags about anything from his marriage to the job he finally resigned because he disliked it so much. His humorous, conversational delivery has earned him a spot in the next round of the competition. After that, the judges gave him a perfect score of 4 since they were so impressed with his charisma and humor.

Simon Cowell said, “You have a great star quality about you, Mike. We often say that if you give us two minutes of your time during an audition, we can alter your life forever. Perhaps this is an opportunity to try out for a job.

Who is Mike E Winfield before AGT?

People in the industry will recognize Mike. It seems that he has had a few on-screen cameos. As an actor, he had a regular role on the American television series The Office. Furthermore, he was included in Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo, which was subsequently released on Netflix. The Late Show with David Letterman was not his only acting gig; he has had a few film appearances.

As a stand-up comedy special, Mike debuted My Side of the Story in 2017. Soon after that, in 2019, he debuted a new Amazon Prime Video special named Stepan.

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How StepMan Made Mike’s Audition Remarkable

Much of Mike’s brief performance for his America’s Got Talent audition came straight from his own life. The fact that he refers to his stepson as “stepman” due to the little age difference between them is one of the many things that makes him hilarious.

The fact that Mike married an older lady who already had a kid forced him to mature rapidly, as stated on his website. He blamed his many marital blunders on the fact that this moment in his life had arrived sooner than he had planned.


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Nonetheless, the publication said that the ordeal strengthened his character and brought him closer to his “stepman.” Eventually, he draws motivation from this experience and uses it to craft narrative bits that he performs as a stand-up comedian.

America has yet to see whether his comedy will distinguish him from the other 55 acts competing for the top prize. When the last episode airs, will Mike E Winfield make the first joke? To discover out, watch this week’s episode of America’s Got Talent.