Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor: Their Relationship Chronology

Learn more about Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor twenty-plus-year romance, which has included everything from acting together to creating a kid.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are giving their relationship a second go after being apart for five years.

Stiller said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2007 that he knew relatively soon she was “the one” after meeting her in 1999 and getting married less than a year later. That’s what the comic says, anyway “The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. One’s initial reaction was likely something along the lines of “Wow, this is a fantastic human being. “She is my love.”

Later projects include Zoolander 2, Tropic Thunder, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story all featured the duo’s combined efforts. Stiller and Taylor became one of the busiest couples in Hollywood, with Stiller acting, directing, producing, and writing screenplays, and Taylor appearing in both films and television shows.

Ella Olivia and Quinlin Dempsey, their children, were born in 2002 and 2005, respectively. Until they publicly announced their split in May 2017, the couple kept a low profile. Following being photographed together several times after their breakup, the couple finally confirmed their reunion in February of 2022.

Everything you need to know about Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s relationship, from the time they appeared onscreen together until the time they were separated.

1999: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor meet for the first time filming a TV pilot

They first met on the set of a canceled pilot called Heat Vision and Jack.

Stiller told Parade in 2016 that their initial encounter went straight from business to dating “In [1999], I directed a Fox pilot titled Heat Vision and Jack, which starred Jack Black. My wife, who was auditioning for the part of the hot sheriff, came in. They were trying to push her on me because of her appearances in the Brady Bunch films. She was fantastic when she arrived… My status was that of a single man. After several years together, [actor] Jeanne Tripplehorn and I broke up. Christine, too, had recently ended a romantic partnership. It was love at first sight after our date. When we met, we were both trying to start over. And we merely leaped.”

First time out in public as a couple: MTV Movie Awards, June 5, 1999, with Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller

MTV Movie Awards, June 5, 1999, with Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller

Stiller was nominated for four prizes for his part in There’s Something About Mary at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, and Taylor was there to support him. During an interview with Parade in 2013, Stiller described their growing romance as “a gradual thing that evolved over a fast period, maybe seven or eight months.”

Just hanging out with them made us feel amazing, so we kept doing it. To put it simply, I adore this individual. Maybe this individual is the one for me. Indeed, I truly adore this individual. To which Stiller added nothing new. To use a cliche, “it hit me like a tonne of bricks.”

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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor got married on May 13, 2000, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

After a six-month courtship, the pair reportedly wed at a Hawaii home with ocean views. Stiller told Parade in 2016 about their courtship “We tied the knot rapidly. One day I looked at her and thought, “Wow, I’m happy with her. There is a link between us. Having constant contact with her is a pleasure. To put it simply, it made perfect sense.”

The director of Severance told Parade in 2013 that his proposal to her was similar to his on-screen one in Meet the Parents. “While Christine and I were practicing for Meet the Parents, I popped the question. Before I did it, I got her dad’s approval. Christine’s father is a scary guy who owns a security company; we’re close friends today, but back then I was in the basement entertainment room saying, “I truly would like to marry your daughter…” It was like an episode of Meet the Parents brought to reality. Although he didn’t say much, he extended a warm welcome. It was asking him that gave me more anxiety than asking her.”

September 2001: Christine Taylor stars as Ben Stiller’s love interest in Zoolander

Christine Taylor stars as Ben Stiller's love interest in Zoolander

Taylor played journalist Matilda Jeffries opposite Ben Stiller’s character, Zoolander, in the cult comedy. It was the first time the two actors worked together on a big screen.

The first child of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor is born on April 9, 2002.

Ella was the first child born to Taylor and her husband on April 9, 2002. Taylor told PEOPLE in 2004 that she and her husband had a daughter: “To say that (Ella) is a carbon copy of Ben is an understatement. You can see she enjoys the spotlight.”

Stiller told Parade in 2013 about becoming a father for the first time: “You become acclimated to the concept of pregnancy when your wife is carrying her child for nine months. You can see where it’s going, but it starts to feel like an abstract concept; then, when you get home the next day, you find that you have a new roommate. Whom you have just now met. You should probably tell your kid… Minute by moment, I kept telling myself, “Just transfer her from the baby carrier to the crib…” It’s not very far, but it’s a dramatic shift.”

June 2004: Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller appear in another movie together

Taylor and Stiller re-entered the big screen together in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. In 2004, Stiller discussed the cast’s parts in the comedy with IGN “Actually, I enjoyed myself. We got to spend quality time together, and everyone had a fantastic time. You can’t indulge in such activities while employed. And she and I, well, we’re just soul sisters. It was relieving and amusing because we shared a common sense of humor. Playing a game of ball is a great way to bond with your friends. It would be an effective form of therapy for the pair.”

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Taylor continued, “It was simply a terrific experience all around.” It was a lot of fun. She also mentioned how the “dynamic” was “extremely different” from when they filmed Zoolander before they had children.

With the birth of their baby, “there were infinite personal challenges,” Taylor explained of the film’s production. “We were newlyweds at the time of shooting for Zoolander… It seemed like a prolonged honeymoon.”

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor had their second child on July 10, 2005.

On July 10, 2005, the happy parents brought home their second child, a newborn boy they called Quinlin.

Stiller told PEOPLE in 2009 that the addition of Quinlin made their family whole. “Having just two of anything might be challenging. The good fortune and blessings I’ve received, “His words.

August 2008: Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller team up again for Tropic Thunder

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller team up again for Tropic Thunder

Stiller co-wrote, directed, and starred in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder with his wife. Taylor played a version of herself in the successful comedy.

Stiller told Parade in 2016 that after the success of Search Party, the actress took time away from acting to focus on the couple’s family “She prioritized her role as a mother to our children. After working at it for a while, she finally decided, “This is what I need to do.” For some reason, she knew she had to be there. Our children have been blessed beyond measure.”

December 2010: Christine Taylor opens up about her semi-retirement and being a mom to her kids with Ben Stiller

Taylor joked in an interview with The Morning Call for her Scrooge-like performance in the TV drama Farewell Mr. Kringle that she had never seen A Christmas Carol “I didn’t have to dig too deep, and I think my husband would agree because he occasionally gets to see this side of me. Yes, I do have my flaws, believe me.”

As Stiller was in the middle of a filming hiatus, Taylor thought it was the “ideal time” to return to set. Since Ben was able to take over as primary caregiver, it was the first time I seriously considered returning to the workforce.

She stated, “It never felt like a big decision for me” to put her career on hold while she raised her children. “The occurrence was completely organic. I was just going along with Ben at the time we were married. What with all his trips, he’s always on the go. A simple yes or no answer may have solved the problem. That’s why I sought him out: because I wanted to be with him. What’s more, I occasionally got to star in his films and collaborate with him, which was a blast.”

Her words continued, “Then, after giving birth to Ella, everything shifted. It seemed unfathomable to me how much I cared for this tiny creature. I felt compelled to join in. Not only did I not want to miss out on anything, but I also believed it was vital for one of us to be the family’s rock given Ben’s demanding work schedule.”

February 26, 2011: Ben Stiller talks about his ideal movie night with Christine Taylor

The star of Greenberg revealed that he would invite Taylor to his ideal movie marathon during a red carpet interview at the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards. “One of my favorite things to do with my wife is to watch a movie together. Movie night is a special occasion for married couples, and I know that my wife and I share that excitement “…he made the following remark.

September 3, 2012: Christine Taylor reveals Ben Stiller’s “competitive” streak

Christine Taylor reveals Ben Stiller's competitive streak

Stiller appears to get a little competitive when they’re up against each other in sports, despite their mutual fondness for cuddling up on the sofa for a movie night in. Taylor stated that her husband is “by far more competitive” than she is in tennis and that he typically comes out on top during an interview during the 2012 US Open. Nonetheless, she triumphed over him in a game of miniature golf, commenting, “I usually feel that the less competitive you are in your mind, the better you play, if you’re just calm.”

During an interview with PEOPLE in 2013, Stiller described a disastrous tennis match. “It was in my wife’s purse when I realized I’d lost [my wedding band]. Without telling her, I pulled it off to pick up a tennis racket and hid it in her abyss. It vanished into the void a few hours later.”

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December 2013: Ben Stiller tells PEOPLE how Christine Taylor keeps him calm

When things start to become chaotic, the actor turns to Taylor for calming advice, as he revealed to PEOPLE. “In most cases, my wife knows just what to say to help me out. She told me to slow down and relax because I’ve been working so hard recently. Just relax and take things day by day, “As he elaborated, I understood.

October 2014: Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller discuss their relationship

Christine Taylor poses with Ben Stiller on the red carpet at the 2019 Emmys

The couple spoke to PEOPLE about how their relationship has changed over the years while appearing together at the 16th annual Tomorrow Is Tonight Gala Benefiting Project A.L.S. in New York.

Everything is improving with the new changes. Right? Taylor remarked, We’re older, wiser, and hopefully growing better,” and Stiller concurred.” She continued, “I found an old photo of us from when we were both much younger and it brought back a lot of good memories. That transformation isn’t something that you encounter frequently. It was very clear that we were mistaken for children. We’ve officially become parents.”

February 2016: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor team up together again for Zoolander 2

Fifteen years after the events of Blue Steel, the duo returned for a sequel to the 2001 comedy in which they also served as directors. Taylor joked to Rachael Ray, “He understands what he wants, and he’s extremely serious about it, but when he’s directing you in a wig and crazy outfit… it’s really hard to take him seriously.”

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller’s split was announced on May 26, 2017.

On May 26, 2017, the pair released a joint statement to PEOPLE announcing their separation “We have decided to dissolve our 18-year marriage and are doing so out of deep love and respect for one another. The most important thing to us is being the best parents and best friends we can be to our children. Please respect our need for seclusion at this time, the media.”

2018: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are spotted together multiple times after their split

In 2018, the ex-couple was seen together on multiple occasions, including dinner in Manhattan, the 2018 US Open with daughter Ella, and the 2018 Project ALS Gala with both of their daughters.

April 8, 2019: Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller are spotted holding hands during a family outing

PEOPLE was told by an audience member that the couple was holding hands during their Broadway trip to watch Pretty Woman the Musical.

September 22, 2019: Christine Taylor poses with Ben Stiller on the red carpet at the 2019 Emmys

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller discuss their relationship

Stiller was nominated for outstanding directing for a limited series, movie, or dramatic special for his work on Escape At Dannemora, and Taylor was there to show his support.

October 2020: Ben Stiller produces Friendsgiving starring Christine Taylor

Stiller served as a producer on the holiday comedy Friendsgiving, in which Taylor starred in.

February 2022: Ben Stiller reveals he and Christine Taylor reunited during the pandemic

Stiller disclosed his reconciliation with Taylor after relocating back in with Taylor and their children during the pandemic in an interview with Esquire. From what he’s said, their connection “changed with time, adding, “We were separated and got back together and we’re glad about that.” It’s been great fun for everyone involved. Unanticipated and one positive outcome of the pandemic.”

Stiller commented on their partnership, saying, “I believe we value both our shared experiences and our unique perspectives. When you stop attempting to transform someone else to fit your needs, you may enjoy them more in their current state.”

After saying that, he added, “Once you accept it, you save a lot of energy.” “‘This is what helps me, and this is what doesn’t,’ the speaker says. If you and your spouse are at that level of trust, you know that if I say, “I don’t like doing that thing,” it’s not because I dislike you.”

After Stiller’s father, actor Jerry Stiller, died in 2020, Stiller turned to Taylor for support, according to a source who told PEOPLE at the time that the two were “never estranged” during their separation.

March 18, 2022: Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller attend the BNP Paribas Open together

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller attend the BNP Paribas Open together

At the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, the longtime tennis aficionados made their first public appearance since declaring their reconciliation, sitting next to each other in the stands.

August 30, 2022: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor attend the US Open

A tennis tournament a few months later saw Stiller and Taylor beaming. At the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City, the couple watched a match at the US Open.