Chloe Lanier Demise on General Hospital Is Fitting for Her Nelle’s Revenge

Come on. No one who watches General Hospital regularly thought they’d seen the last of Chloe Lanier’s Nelle. Nobody? That’s what we thought too, so good call. We were justified in our skepticism, it seems.

Soap Opera Digest claims that the Emmy winner will return to her troublemaking character the week of September 5. You may recall that Willow’s twin sister dropped to her alleged death two years ago, but the smart money is on the supervixen still having a pulse. For what reason, you inquire.

General Hospital cast Chloe Lanier’s return as Nelle

It’s not because General Hospital has a revolving door policy; instead, it’s because Nelle provides so much dramatic potential right now. While Lanier played the role, neither Nina nor Willow was revealed to be the character’s biological parents. Can you fathom the pyrotechnics that would ensue if Nelle were still alive? The explosions would need us to wear protective eyewear.

Chloe Lanier Demise on General Hospital Is Fitting

On the one side, you have Nelle, who is overjoyed that her mother has successfully stolen Chloe Lanier’s spouse while she was abroad. On the other hand, there’s the scheming mother attempting to worm her way back into her son Wiley’s life despite the fact that he’s now being raised by her ex-husband Michael and his new girlfriend, Willow.

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For days, I stared at YouTube footage of Nelle and thought, “It’s been two years since I performed this part. Like, what the heck did I do? How did my voice sound? I don’t know how I managed to walk like Nelle. The publication quotes what Chloe Lanier reveals. I had forgotten how to do all these things that used to come naturally to me, but if I’m lucky, the audience will pick up on it and I’ll be able to revert back to my old ways of acting. In other words, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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