Heidi Klum says she phoned “every two hours”, After her daughter, then-18, left for college

On the weekend when her daughter Leni started college, Heidi Klum revealed she contacted her “every two hours.”

Klum expressed concern about her daughter’s lack of phone responsiveness by saying she had not received a call or text in over a week.

According to Heidi Klum, her daughter just relocated to the Big Apple to attend university.

The first weekend that Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni attended college far away from home, Heidi phoned “every two hours” until Leni answered.

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On Monday’s edition of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Klum revealed that her daughter, Leni, 18, had relocated to New York City to begin her college studies. According to Klum, the increased distance makes her anxious, particularly when Leni doesn’t answer the phone.

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This morning was her first day of college,” Klum told Corden. “She moved in over the weekend, and I phoned, and although she usually answers, I haven’t heard back from her in three or four hours. And my mind is racing with questions like, “Where is she? What is she doing? Why isn’t she answering?” Nervousness is beginning to set in.”

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I phoned every two hours throughout the course of the weekend, and I don’t understand why you don’t call me back. It was continued by Klum. Please provide me with the roommate’s phone number so I may annoy her if she doesn’t answer.

In spite of her concerns, Heidi Klum praised her daughter on Entertainment Tonight in early August, saying that she “has her head screwed on properly.” Moreover, she said that Leni was already acquainted with New York City since Klum had always relocated the family there while shooting “Project Runway.” After starting her own modeling career, Klum said her daughter was putting her education first.

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Heidi Klum told Entertainment Tonight, “I believe she’s going to have a nice time, but my heart will be sad.”

Henry, 16, Johan, 15, and Lou, 12, are Klum’s children with ex-husband Seal. Leni’s father is an Italian businessman. Heidi Klum is presently married to Tokio Hotel’s guitarist, Tom Kaulitz.