Tom Cruise Takes Flight in Dangerous Plane Stunt on the Set of “Mission: Impossible 7”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise: The stunt was filmed for the promotion of “Top Gun: Maverick,” and it was shown at CinemaCon in April.

In a new promotional video that has already gone viral, Tom Cruise continues his quest to become America’s greatest death-defying stuntman by strapping himself into a jet that is plummeting toward the ground at high speed.

According to EW, the film was first used to launch “Top Gun: Maverick” at CinemaCon in April before making its way online over the weekend.

As in, “Hey, what’s up?” At one point in the clip, Tom Cruise can be heard yelling. “I really wish I could be there with you. If there was any unnecessary commotion, please accept my apologies. Right now, we’re busy shooting the next Mission: Impossible movie. We’re now flying above South Africa’s breathtaking Blyde River Canyon.

Tom Cruise Actor

Tom Cruise continues, saying he was “creating this picture for the big screen,” and then “Maverick” screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie flies in on his own aircraft to join them. McQuarrie has directed the last two “Mission: Impossible” movies and will direct the next “Dead Reckoning” flicks.

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McQuarrie, sitting in the front passenger seat, greets the group. “Listen, I’m sorry to cut in, but we have to get moving; the sun is setting.”

Subtle Tom Cruise Hint Flying around on top of an aircraft while watching Mission: Impossible 7

In the clip, Cruise gets up and wishes viewers a “nice summer” before the two biplanes suddenly deviate off course and crash to the ground with a terrifying shriek.

Some others, including actor and director Stephen Ford, shared the sweat-inducing video on social media over the weekend.

Tom Cruise’s first movie to gross over $100 million in its opening weekend was “Maverick,” his highest box office hit to date. It became the fifth most grossing picture in U.S. history after earning over $700 million in its first weekend, as reported by The Wrap.

Tom Cruise and McQuarrie created a more realistic ad in 2018 encouraging viewers to change their TV settings to disable motion smoothing, and this new video is a sharp contrast to that.

Cruise’s co-star, Simon Pegg, had mixed feelings about the actor’s drive to top himself with every action sequence.

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There are no stunt doubles for him, Pegg said to SoHo House in June. The concept that this man is genuinely leaping over a cliff on a motorcycle and releasing the parachute from a height of 100 feet gives you a chill. You get the creeps just thinking about it.

The first installment of “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning” premieres on July 14, 2023.