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AEW Dynamite Results (9/7): The Return of MJF, the Crowning of the New ROH Pure Champion,

AEW Dynamite Results News: For the September 7, 2022 episode of “Dynamite,” this has been the results coverage from Wrestling INC.

The weekend’s AEW All Out PPV, which was covered extensively by the media, will have its follow-up program tonight. We shouldn’t expect to see CM Punk or the new AEW World Trios Champions, The Elite, on tonight’s program after his statements during that segment and the reported fight that followed.

On the broadcast, though, Tony Khan will talk about the future of both sets of titles and everything that’s going on.

AEW Dynamite Results: Tonight’s program will see the return of MJF, who served as the joker in the AEW All Out casino ladder match. With the support of Stokely Hathaway and his team, MJF was able to win, and today they will hear from the three-time winner of the Dynamite Diamond ring. Chris Jericho, fresh off his victory against Bryan Danielson on Sunday, will also be at tonight’s event and has promised to speak to the audience.

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There will be six men in the ring for “AEW Dynamite,” as the Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) and Orange Cassidy will take against Death Triangle PAC, Rey Fénix, and Penta El Zero Miedo.

AEW Dynamite Results: The new AEW Women’s World Champion will face Penelope Ford in an eliminator fight for the championship. Also at stake is Wheeler Yuta’s Ring of Honor Pure Championship, which he will defend against Daniel Garcia, a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Tony Khan Makes His Announcement

AEW Dynamite Results: Scenes from backstage show Tony Khan announcing the forfeiture of the AEW World Championship and the AEW World Trios Championship. Tonight, between Best Friends and Death Triangle, the next Trios Champions will be decided. The AEW World Champion will be determined through a tournament of champions and awarded at the AEW Grand Slam.

Semifinals will include Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson, with Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley to follow. The future of The Elite and CM Punk is not addressed.

Let’s Hear From MJF

Next up comes MJF, who says he apologizes if he offended anybody the previous time they saw him, adding that everyone knows he wasn’t serious. He says he doesn’t mean it when he calls the supporters “dumb marks” and that he loves AEW and won’t leave while leading an “AEW” chant. MJF reviews the upcoming World Title event and reveals his pick for the winner.

Since he has a chip that will give him a crack at the championship anytime he wants it and Khan is paying him a tonne of money, he isn’t working in that event. MJF boasts that he will take home the World Title because, well, he’s MJF and he’s better than you.

AEW Dynamite Results: Then, Jon Moxley walks out to the ring and calls MJF full of crap, before turning on the fans and insulting their football team. Business as usual with him. MJF suggests that because the World Title is only a negotiating tool in the bidding war of 2024 and he doesn’t care about AEW, he may as well take it to a legitimate wrestling promotion with stars like Cody Rhodes.

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AEW Dynamite Results: He claims he is considering a job offer from the one Khan who really matters: old Saint Nick. Then he uses a phrase from his business idol, “The Game,” to back up his assertion. Moxley tells MJF to leave the ring immediately since it’s inappropriate and he’s not in the mood, and MJF reluctantly does so. Next, Moxley comments on how terrible his music is. The fact that he has no title is only one of many things that he is angry about, and he continues.

AEW Dynamite Results: After that, he gives an impassioned speech on the significance of the title, in which he admits that he is to blame for his loss and that he should be on vacation instead, but that the tournament has given him a second chance and that now is his chance to become a legend.

Backstage Despite the introduction of the Dark Order, Jose suddenly comes and demands that the group of 10 sign a deal with Andrade. They manage to beat him off until Andrade and Rush show up there, at which point the fighting and tension only escalate.

Battle of the Death Triangle vs. Best Pals (AEW World Trios Championship Match)

AEW Dynamite Results: Penta begins with his standard taunt, and then the Death Triangle star fires a shot before Orange Cassidy can reach for his pockets. However, Penta is sent flying by a hurricanrana and ends up eating a massive boot from PAC. When Best Friends is dispatched outside, both teams’ members quickly find themselves inside; yet, when their rivals attempt to leap out, Best Friends quickly returns and tosses them back inside. After that, Cassidy goes outside and does the rocket launch.

As the fight between the two squads escalates higher and higher, Chuck Taylor finally leaps off the platform and kills everyone in the audience area below. Penta makes his way back into the ring and delivers a kicking blow to Trent before PAC tags in and continues stomping on Trent. As Death Triangle continues to make numerous tags, Rey Fenix enters and speeds things up by landing a low dropkick on Trent.

AEW Dynamite Results: While Cassidy steps in to send the Lucha Bros flying, Trent stomps down on PAC in the corner, but PAC uses the diversion to elbow him in the face. Then, Danhausen goes onto the apron, but Alexander Abrahantes pulls him down, earning himself a curse and a low blow in the process. PAC confronts him outside, but Cassidy kills him with a suicide dive.

AEW Dynamite Results: Penta performs a backstabber on Taylor before he is thrown down on him by a double team, but Taylor kicks out. The two teams then return to the ring and make tags. Although he takes a cutter from Fenix, he fights back and the two best friends have a bear embrace after Trent hits a slingshot DDT. One by one, the opponents eliminate each other until only Fenix and Trent remain, but the other members of the Death Triangle almost steal the battle with a pair of thrust kicks into the chest of the Code Red.

Cassidy hits an Orange Punch, which sets up the Awful Waffle, but PAC breaks it up as the Lucha Bros concentrate on the other members. The Death Triangle counter with three Canadian Destroyers, but Fenix knocks Taylor over the top rope and stomps on his face. He wipes off the remaining enemies as PAC kills Black Arrow.

Winners (and the current AEW World Trios Champions): The Death Triangle

Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian: AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results: A videotape of Jamie Hayter arguing with and walking away from Britt Baker after their bout at AEW’s All Out is aired backstage before the match.

AEW Dynamite Results: The battle then gets underway with Penelope Ford in the driver’s seat, pulling down Toni Storm before Storm executes a handstand to escape and drop kick Ford with a shoulder tackle. Women shake hands, but Ford is only baiting Storm into a fight, and Storm responds with shoulder attacks and a dropkick to the corner. She goes for the hip attack, but Ford blocks it; then, distracted by the camera, she spends too much time chatting, and Storm dives out of the ring to kick her.

AEW Dynamite Results: In an instant, Ford is back on track after sending the champion crashing into the steel steps, and she maintains her dominance inside the ring from there. Ford maintains control by delivering a dropkick to Storm’s back and finishing the former WWE Superstar out with a sweeping leg. After Ford has finished working on Storm’s back, she delivers a clubbing blow to the nape of her neck.

The champion counters Ford’s attempt at a Northern Lights Suplex with her own and then wins the pin after responding with an uppercut.

Winner: Toni Storm

AEW Dynamite Results: Then, a film package with 2.0, Action Bronson, and HOOK discussing the events of AEW All Out is aired. Bronson invites them to the AEW Grand Slam to meet him in person.

Chris Jericho Talks To The AEW Galaxy

AEW Dynamite Results: The Acclaimed then leave, but not before Swerve Strickland arrives and interrupts Max Caster’s rap. He inquires as to whether or if Buffalo is interested in more cheesy rap jokes, and if so, offers up the punchline that he has The Acclaimed as champions. Anthony Bowens interrupts him at AEW Grand Slam and announces that the rematch is occurring and that they will be bringing home the gold, but Billy Gunn cuts him off and declares that this is now Daddy Asse’s house.

Let’s Hear From Chris Jericho

AEW Dynamite Results: Backstage, Chris Jericho boasts that he defeated Bryan Danielson on Sunday thanks to his discovery of the elixir of youth. He boasts that he is the greatest sports entertainer of all time and the greatest wrestler of all time. Because this is his organization and his f’in locker room, he will defeat Danielson again and go on to win the AEW World Championship.

Then, Jericho reveals he has two younger brothers; one of them, Sammy Guevara, is competing in the Tournament of Champions, and the Spanish God predicts that Guevara will triumph against Darby Allin. Daniel Garcia, Jericho’s sibling, boasts that he will defeat Jericho tonight, but the Garcia brothers plan to leave him to his own devices. Guevara proceeds to gush about how attractive he is.

Wardlow (c) vs. Tony Nese (TNT Championship Match): AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results: Tony Nese approaches the champion and begins tampering with his pecs, earning himself a headbutt in return. After Wardlow knocks out his opponent with a clothesline, the referee removes the straps so he may perform his first Powerbomb. The game is gone when Wardlow knocks in two more runs.

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Wardlow

AEW Dynamite Results: Mark Sterling attempts to stop him from hitting another opponent after the bout ends but is tossed into the ring by the victor. But before he can Powerbomb him as well, Josh Woods pulls him out. Wardlow then addresses the crowd, saying he has heard much speculation online that he has stalled. It’s time to remind the rest of the team and Wardlow’s followers that he is the TNT Champion and that this is his domain.

It then cuts to a video package promoting the forthcoming battle between Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin, in which Allin notes that neither man has ever won the AEW World Championship. On Friday, he won’t be bringing Sting, and he recommends that the Jericho Appreciation Society member attend alone as well.

Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Adam Page (AEW World Title Wildcard Tournament Match)

Before Bryan Danielson just smacks his opponent in the chest in the corner, the two men trade grips back and forth. After a brief verbal exchange, the two men get down to work, with Danielson landing a series of punishing corner kicks. Despite taking a kick to the face, “Hangman” Adam Page is able to knock Danielson off the turnbuckles and send him crashing to the ground with a springboard lariat.

AEW Dynamite Results: He then follows up with a dive to the outside, but the veteran sees it coming and sends Page shoulder-first into the ring post. Outside the ring, Page is seated on a chair as Bryan delivers additional kicks and a tremendous dropkick, all while Danielson continues to work on Page’s injured arm inside. As Danielson repeatedly stomps on Page’s arm, Page catches him for a fallaway slam and follows it up with a crossbody off the top rope.

AEW Dynamite Results: When they’re inside the ring, Page lands a Death Valley Driver, but Danielson manages to kick it out. Page is tripped into the second turnbuckle by Danielson, who follows up with a series of running boots in the corner and a round kick to the head, both of which Page successfully blocks.

Then, Page cuts off Danielson on the top rope and throws the former WWE Superstar down to the ring, but Danielson manages to kick out! In an attempt to deliver a Buckshot Lariat, Page leaps out of the ring, but Danielson rolls out of the ring instead. Page then sends Danielson to the outside chair, and Danielson comes rushing in with a large boot to provide an earlier receipt.

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AEW Dynamite Results: After a short break, the two men return to the ring and resume trading blows, with Page ultimately prevailing with a powerbomb that Danielson manages to kick out of. Page puts Danielson on the top turnbuckle, only to slip under his legs and set the tree of woe for additional kicks. After Page lands safely on his feet following his attempt at the top rope, he follows up with a rolling elbow.

Bryan kicks out and smoothly transitions into a LeBell Lock, but he escapes and throws him into the ropes, where Danielson easily skins the cat. Soon after, he attempts to reapply the LeBell Lock, but Page rolls out of the way and delivers several knees blows to the head, breaking the hold. Even after three more massive forearms and a Deadeye from Page, Bryan still manages to escape the pin. Then, Danielson finishes him off with a Busaiku Knee, but Page slides out of the ropes, and Bryan tries a suicide dive, only to be caught with a powerbomb into the ring apron.

AEW Dynamite Results: Page does a moonsault off the top rope to the outside and goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson reverses into a roll-up and bridges to prevent a kick out and the victory. Now in the semifinals, he will compete against Chris Jericho.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

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