Chef Ann Kim was featured in The Netflix documentary series “Chef’s Table”. Update 2022!!

Chef Ann Kim’s unique pizza creations, such as the kimchi-topped “Lady Zaza,” are featured prominently on Netflix.

The Twin Cities — In Minnesota, chef Ann Kim has been making friends for almost a decade with her bold, spicy, and real pizzas; now, the rest of the world can meet her, too.

In the latest season of “Chef’s Table: Pizza,” Kim is one of the six featured chefs. She was asked to appear on the program soon after accepting her 2019 James Beard Award, but production of COVID was suspended until August of 2021.

I come from a theatrical family, so telling stories is in my blood, Kim said. “But I’ve never had to tell my tale.”

Minneapolis chef Ann Kim

The mind behind Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza, Young Joni, and Sooki & Mimi admits it was uncomfortable to discuss her private life on TV. At the age of four, Kim moved to Apple Valley, Minnesota, with her family from Korea. The documentary series takes viewers behind the scenes of her upbringing in a mostly white area with parents who spoke little to no English.

Chef Ann Kim to be featured in Netflix’s “Chef’s Table: Pizza”

Chef Ann Kim reveals previously unseen details about her past, taking you back to before she became known for her innovative pizza creations.

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Because she is “genuine and true to who she is,” Kim was approached by Netflix to tell her tale. I feel like I have many friends and acquaintances. So, I’m not concerned with arriving at my destination so much as I am with making the effort to get there.

Kim’s unique pizzas are featured on Netflix, including the “Lady Zaza” with kimchi and the restaurant’s renowned seasonal pizza with pickles and potato chips.

We were running a special on pickle pie at the time of the shooting, and they seemed to like it,” Kim said.


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Chef Ann Kim reports that in celebration of “Chef’s Table: Pizza,” the pickle pie has been reinstated to the Young Joni menu. Original ingredients include Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella cheese, fontina cheese, pickles, dill, ranch, charred onions, and Old Dutch potato chips. Chef Ann Kim claims that fairground deep-fried pickles served as an inspiration.

The phrase “it could be lingering around, who knows?” The Kims were joking around.

Chris Bianco (Phoenix, Arizona), Gabriele Bonci (Rome, Italy), Franco Pepe (Caiazzo, Italy), Yoshihiro Imai (Kyoto, Japan), and Sarah Minnick (New York, New York) are some of the other chefs competing for this season (Portland, Ore).

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