How Ellen DeGeneres Feels About Ex Anne Heche’s Fatal Car Accident (Update 2022)

The moment had come for Ellen Degeneres, 64, the famed American comedy presenter, to respond to the tragic tragedy that left her ex-wife Anne Heche in a coma.

When famed performer Ellen DeGeneres was questioned about the short romance she had with Anne Heche from 1997 to 2000, the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show gave a cursory response.

Ellen DeGeneres on Anne Heche’s Car Crash

Anne was sent to the hospital last Friday with extensive burns, but when Ellen DeGeneres was asked how she was doing, she said she had no clue since the two women had fallen out of contact. On the 8th of August, when the little chat took place, Ellen DeGeneres was with her pal. The group of pals was in Santa Barbara, California, for a low-key excursion.

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Ellen DeGeneres and Anne had a high-profile romance in the past, and their breakup is again making headlines decades after the Donnie Brasco star’s involvement in a horrific and frightening accident in which her green Mini Cooper crashed into an apartment building and then a house, killing both occupants. Anne reportedly spent 30 minutes trapped in the burning car after an accident was recorded in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, and rescue efforts were initiated. Anne had suffered extensive burns, the authorities said when they arrived at the hospital.

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Anne’s other exes, including Canadian actor James Tupper and The Punisher star Thomas Jane, were also in the frame offering a word of worry in the anime about their old love, much like Finding Nemo famous. Hung, Jane, and Anne began dating seriously in 2019–2020 after meeting on the set of the HBO series, whereas Tupper, age 52, and Anne, age 38, were in a committed relationship for almost a decade. Together they had Altas, now 8 years old, and fell in love all over again.

Anne and Tupper first met on the set of Men in Trees, where they both had breakout roles. Anne and Coleman Laffoon, the cameraman, were married at the time.

Anne and Tupper quickly became close friends, but they never considered getting married. Anne’s response to a question about getting married was that she and Tupper were in no hurry and that, if the question was about an engagement ring, she already had a collection thanks to Tupper’s annual gifts. She claims that she has said “yes” to him hundreds of times since the two of them are perpetually engaged.

Ellen DeGeneres Anne Heche

In light of her sudden tragedy, Anne’s ex-boyfriend posted an Instagram photo of the two of them with their son Atlas, along with a touching caption. The love and admiration he had for Anne were shown in the caption. Tupper prayed for and extended his best wishes to his ex-girlfriend.

Jane has updated her followers on her health and recovery, and she has discussed the heinous event she experienced. Jane stated he will be thinking about and praying for Anne, mentioning her as an actress with real skill amid the other stars of her age.

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Despite the terrifying appearance of the event, the causes of this catastrophe remain unknown. Many people have their theories about what happened, but one of them is that Anne was speeding in the moments before the crash. The snapshot was taken in the middle of both collisions, and there is speculation that Anne was as drunk as a bottle, like the one that was discovered in her mini cooper.

As soon as the report hit the wires, Anne’s representative came out and denied the allegation, saying that Anne was not confused during the accident.


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The star of The Brave, who was hospitalized on August 6, was reported to be in stable health by her representative that day. The representative also asked for silence and prayers during this difficult period.

Those closest to Anne are reportedly devastated by this news and praying for her rapid recovery. Recent reports indicated that her prognosis was not encouraging, with doctors stating that she had suffered significant lung damage and would likely need artificial breathing to survive.

Anne went into a coma immediately after the accident and remains there to this day; she is expected to wake up shortly for surgery.