Jennette McCurdy discusses the emotional last moments she spent with her dying mother on ‘Red Table Talk’

Jennette McCurdy has more secrets to reveal.

During the season premiere of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook Watch on Wednesday, the former Nickelodeon actress elaborated on the tumultuous relationship she had with her mother Debbie McCurdy, whom McCurdy accuses of abusing her throughout her childhood and whose memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” was released in August.

After her mother found out Jennette McCurdy was seeing someone, she reportedly wrote her a slew of threatening and verbally abusive emails, and McCurdy finally spoke up about it.

The “iCarly” actress also spoke frankly about the lasting effects of their respective eating issues on their relationship and their last discussion before her mother’s 2013 death from breast cancer.

During a “scathing” email exchange, Jennette McCurdy claims her mother labeled her a “slut.”

Jennette McCurdy said her mother sent her many “scathing” letters after she “ran away to Hawaii with (her) boyfriend” in August of 2012.

Jennette McCurdy will be the guest on the September 7 episode of “Red Table Talk.”

McCurdy revealed that his mother had discovered paparazzi photos of the family: “There were some paparazzi shots that someone had taken of us.” Their connection had been kept hidden from her. As for why she disapproved, I can see her point. In spite of the age gap, I don’t like her approach.

In front of presenters Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, the 30-year-old writer read aloud one of these “disapproving” letters.

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I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you, dear (Jennette). When I first met you, you were my beautiful little angel, but now you’re just a little slut, a floozy, and I’m done with you. What a shame you gave it to that ugly monster of a guy,’ ” Jennette McCurdy read. “You are a liar, a conniver, and an awful person, and now we can add that to the list.”

She went on: “‘I raised you better than this. And now look what’s happened to my nice daughter! What happened to her, and who is this evil person who seems to have taken her place? … When I informed your brothers of your situation, they all responded the same thing: that they too disavow you. We have no interest in communicating with you.

When Jennette McCurdy was growing up, her mother’s “narcissistic abuse” shaped their relationship.

Jennette McCurdy Return

Jennette McCurdy previously told USA TODAY that her connection with her mother was difficult. In her need for acceptance and validation, she would often unwittingly allow other people to dictate her time, energy, relationships, money, and even her own body during pre-shower self-examinations.

McCurdy claims that treatment helped her realize that her mother’s behavior toward her did not love but rather exploitation and “narcissistic abuse.”

“There was a lot of pressure on me to forgive and explain away her actions…

But in the end, what I learned is that there are many individuals with mental health disorders who take full responsibility and who work on themselves and spend a great deal of time and effort trying to enhance their lives and the relationships they have with others Says McCurdy.”

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The last words Jennette McCurdy heard from her mother were about having kids.

McCurdy described the last conversation she had with her mother as “sort of a non-conversation” during her appearance on “Red Table Talk.”

Her cancer had progressed to the point that it had gone to her brain. “She was in a hospice bed in our living room, and she was just kind of blanked out,” McCurdy said. Everybody tries to say something to the dying person like it’s an effort to urge them to wake up, and that’s what I’ve seen happen when people are on their deathbed, at least in my own experience.

Jennette McCurdy

At this point, every one of my brothers had shared happy updates about their lives. In addition to one of them returning to California after being married, the other was also leaving for a new life in another state. Mommy,” I told her, “I’m so thin right now.” All I had going for me, I thought, was my skinny frame.

Jennette McCurdy writes in “I’m Glad My Mom Died” that she learned “calorie restriction” from her mother when she was young, and that this practice led to anorexia, which in turn led to binge eating and bulimia. McCurdy did this in part because she wanted to stay even shorter than she already was. She blamed her mother, who she said had an eating condition herself, for inspiring this behavior in her.

And deep down within, I thought that was the thing that would finally wake up my mom “McCurdy had informed her mother she was “89 pounds” at the time. “My brothers could say whatever they wanted, but I know that mother would rather hear me complain about my physique and my weight than hear them say anything else.


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McCurdy has said that although she is “open” to the idea of having children in the future, she is not currently planning on starting a family.

No, I don’t think I’d ever desire a kid so that I could feel whole in myself via parenthood. To me, that’s a rock-solid example,” McCurdy added. I’m at a point in my life when having children doesn’t appeal to me. Two of my nieces are already wonderful additions to my life, and I’m expecting a third soon. As an aunt, I feel a deep sense of joy.